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The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been providing land services to the general public by establishing upazila land offices in each upazila and providing all services online. So if you are a citizen of Bangladesh and want to do all the work related to your land through online, then you can do all the work on the website that I have given you the link of the website mentioned above.


You can verify any information starting from application for registration through online and if you can learn about various land related matters from here, you have the opportunity to know many important information at home without going to different offices.

So today’s post is specially made for those of you who want to complete all the work and collect receipts through land ministry related software. How you can do these tasks by downloading the official software of the Ministry of Lands is the topic of today’s post. I will try to inform about it through this post to those of you who want to collect papers from them by providing proper information on the official website of the Ministry of Lands.

Basically, if you use the official website of the Ministry of Land, you will do the best. Because by using this website you can apply for all land related applications starting from collection of papers. After purchasing any land, if you want to cancel or register it, then e-registration service has been launched online.


That is, after completing the registry after purchasing the land, when you want to register it in the government register in your own name, you have to register it. But over the ages or up to the present time it is seen that there are many people who demand a lot of money or spend a lot of time to do it in the name of land registration.

But when you know about the official website and all the content of the application is under your control, then you can apply online, download the application form and other documents and directly go to the upazila land office and submit the documents along with AC Land. Then, if you open your case and tell them all about your land registration, they will try to do it very quickly.

This is why I am asking you to use this official website of Ministry of Lands because when you download the official software of Ministry of Lands it will be seen that ads will be displayed there and may cause disruption in every work. So it would be wise to use the official website to avoid such pitfalls. By visiting the official website you will do the type of work you want to do and you will be provided with all the facilities to make any type of application.

From the official website of the Ministry of Lands, you can apply for registration as well as check any land or check the ownership of any land. If you want to buy a land of a person then you can check in whose name it is and its daag number along with khatian number and other information through e-porcha website. Again, you can easily find out how much land there is in the name of any member of your family or to collect any information or in the name of the main members of your family on the basis of providing the necessary information on the website.

If you want, it will be convenient to get the Mouza map of your area, similarly, if you apply online for Mouzam and wait for a few days, it will be delivered to you or you will be asked to collect it. You can pay the development tax online without going to the land office as you have to pay the development tax every year for each land.

If your land information is not uploaded on the website, then you can get the digital land record by informing the upazila land office and providing the necessary information or you can collect the hearing of various types of online applications from here. You can visit our website to get various types of land related application or various types of information and get such information from here.

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