Jogajog ( Social Media of Bangladesh Alternative of Facebook

Jogajog is a new initiative made by Bangladesh government. Bangladesh is going to launch a social media platform similar as Facebook. This is one of the the most creative invention of ICT ministry.

According to news report, Junaid Ahmed Palak, ICT minister of Bangladesh states that a new social media platform is going to start it operation in the internet.

It will be same as Facebook. Developers are working very hard to develop a secured social media network for Bangladeshi users. After the declaration come people are welcoming this initiative.

Jogajog Create Account

You must create an account before using the communication medium made in Bangladesh. No user can login here without creating an account. To open an account, you must share your personal information with the website

Most people do not know how to open an account here because the medium of communication is new. By reading this article, you will know how to open an account very easily. Since the website is being created for Bangladeshis, its main language will be Bengali.

Go to the home page of the website and you will see the instructions for opening an account. Also on social media it will display a list of what information it will store for you. Remember that you must provide original information to open an account.

Jogajog Login Option

You must login after opening the account. Cannot use any feature without logging in to the account. The homepage is decorated with some interesting features.

You can also add different types of information to your personal profile. You can update profile picture using different filters. You can also modify all the information provided here if you wish.

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