How to Check Bkash Balance Without App 2023

How to Check Bkash Balance Without App

Hello visitors, hope everybody is doing well at this time and have come to visit this post on our website today to stay well. The content of today’s post on our website is how you can check your development balance without the help of any kind of apps. This means that you can use your bKash account from any phone with a button, and if you use any method in this case, you can see the balance without any hassle of apps from here.

Moreover, many people cannot use apps because they do not have an Android phone and that is why you want to know how to use bKash account from mobile phone dial option and how to check its balance. So for your convenience, this topic has been clearly discussed on our website today so that you can check your own development balance. However, before using bKash account, you must know your bKash account number as well as the secret PIN number of your bKash account.

So now you know how to check the balance of development from the dial option on your mobile phone. You need to go to the dial option of your mobile phone and dial * 247 #. After dialing it, select the SIM from which you have opened the bKash account and click on the SIM button. Then all the information of your account will be opened there and according to the information there you will be able to perform all the work through your bKash account.

With a bKash account, you can read the table of contents to check your balance, and when you read that table of contents, you will understand that one step at a time can be done. Those of you who have come specifically to check the balance of bKash go to the bottom and from there you will get an option called My bKash. If you go to this option, you will get another interface. However, I would like to inform you in advance that you will use the development option by dialing the serial number next to the serial number in the empty cell below and click on the submit button.

In that case, the correct number of the serial number next to My Development Office, sit in the empty cell, click on the send button and go to the next page and once you go there, you will get an option called Balance Inquiry. After clicking on Balance Inquiry you will be asked for your account PIN number and in this case you can enter your PIN account number correctly without any mistake.

After providing all the information correctly, when you click on the send button, you will be shown how much money is in your bKash account balance and what other benefits you can avail from it. We hope that every visitor can find out through today’s content of our website how to check the development balance through mobile dial option without the help of apps.

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