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As every job nowadays is online based, it is now possible to collect a lot of information from home. In this case the rules to be followed by an employee to check his GPF balance is the subject of today’s post on our website. Through this post, you can check your GPF balance by entering the specific website and know your GPF information system.

These can be done at home as everyone has an Android handset or access to a computer and laptop and if desired you can print out your GPF balance information for a particular financial year. Below is a discussion on how to check GPF balance by inputting information or by inputting which information on each page.

GPF Balance Check on Mobile

Nowadays GPF can be checked at home through online so you don’t need to go to any online service shop or do any hassle in this regard. All you need to do to check your GPF balance is to check it through the Android handset you have and follow the rules. Go to Google Chrome browser to check your GPF online
If you paste this link or search by writing this link, you will enter the website that comes up. After entering, an interface or home page will appear in front of you from where you can first check your pension hour tension from the title.

If you go a little below it, you will find an option called GPF Information and below that option there is an option called Click Here. By clicking on that option, a new interface will appear in front of you and there you will input some of your information. First of all you have to provide your 17 digit NID card number while inputting the information. In this case if your NID card is converted to smart NID card then it will be 10 digital and anyway you have to provide NID card number on the website.

ibas++gpf Balance Check

Then you give the phone number with which you have registered all the information or the phone number which you have used before to receive the information. Then select the fiscal year for which fiscal year you want to know this account. After selecting the number of years you have to click on the submit button and after clicking on the submit button you will receive an SMS on your phone after a short page is loaded. The employee verification code will be sent through SMS and you will get this verification code of four digits, come to the website and put the verification code in the blank space.

Enter the verification code and click the submit button again. When your submit button is clicked you will be taken to the next page and on the next page you will see the name of the person who is this person along with the name of the financial year and the account number through which you are receiving the money. Besides, National Identity Card information and other information that is reasonable to be displayed there will be shown. Hope you can complete important tasks based on the information.

GPF Fund Balance Check bd

Earlier we had to waste time in various government offices to check GPF balance and due to wasting time day after day we could not do other work due to wasting precious time. But nowadays everything has changed and now we can take services if we want through different websites which have been opened according to different ministries or different offices to provide different services to the general public.

So check your GPF balance at home and save your precious time. If anyone gets into a lot of trouble while checking GPF balance even after following the above mentioned rules, then definitely comment and we will provide you the solution of all those problems through the reply of comments. Thanks for reading this post on our website.

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