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GP Unlimited Internet Package Price & Code 2022

Mobile Operator Code Check Launched Unlimited Internet Package If you want to know, you can know the price and code of Grameenphone SIM Unlimited Internet Package through this post today. There has been an announcement recently that each package will be unlimited and you will have to dial new code if you want to buy this package and in this case the price of each package has increased. If you have used GP SIM then I will tell you that today through this post you can know the price and code of GP Unlimited internet package.

The prices mentioned in this post will remain valid till the last change and by collecting the information here you will be able to purchase GP Unlimited Internet Package. At present the value of GP SIM has increased at city level and village level for the convenience of internet connection and people from different parts of Bangladesh starting from remote areas use GP SIM. For a long time this SIM operator has been providing this service to maintain inter-communication between Bengalis and has always provided internet packages at affordable prices.

Although there are many complaints that GP SIM companies are charging higher prices for internet packages, the prices are still normal due to the high speed internet facility. However, for some time now, Bangladesh Telecommunication Company has been arranging special discussion meetings to introduce unlimited package system. According to today’s announcement, GP launched Unlimited Internet Package and since then GP Company has specified the code and price for purchasing new Unlimited Internet Packages.

So if you are a regular user of GP SIM and want to use GP SIM due to lack of WiFi connection outside the home then you must buy Unlimited Internet Package. The more time you spend outside, the more time you spend on your mobile data and actually use WiFi under WiFi. Below is the price and code of GP Unlimited Internet Package provided to you.

GP Monthly Unlimited Internet MB Package 2022

The first package to be launched by GP SIM Company for launching Unlimited Internet Package is 15 gb Unlimited Internet Package 1099 Taka. Moreover, if one wants to buy a smaller package than this, one can buy 6gb for 449 rupees. And for a period of 30 days, you will get a package that allows you to use the internet for a maximum of 1 GB every day for only 399 rupees.

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And in the same period you can use a maximum of 2 GB per day and the price of that package will be 649 rupees. So by visiting our website you will be able to know the dial code to buy this package later. We will then give you the dial code that GP SIM Company will provide for each package purchase. Above all, have a nice and beautiful day with GP SIM.

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