GP Tiktok Internet Offer 2023 Code

Grameenphone has launched new internet package for tik tok users. This internet package is very profitable for tik tok lovers. In this article we are going to talk about GP tiktok internet offer & package code.

There are four internet package enjoying Tiktok. Those packages are only available on My GP App. By reading this article you will learn how to activate those internet bundles.

Tiktok Internet Offer

TickTock is a social media platform made in China. In a very short time it has gained worldwide popularity. There are several reasons behind the popularity.

Grameenphone has launched some TickTock internet packages to attract its customers. You can activate these packages for different periods at low cost.

These packages can only be activated from the My GP app. Today we will discuss in detail about each pack.

250 MB 8 Taka 3 Days

The one with the lowest price is 100 MB for only 8 taka. The validity of the package is 3 days. You can buy this package if you just want to upload without watching the video on Tick Talk. Because watching videos requires a lot of megabytes.

500 MB 23 Taka 3 Days

This is another splendid tik tok package of grameenphone. With the help of this internet package you can enjoy tik tok videos for 3 days at Taka only 23. The validity period of this package is 3 days.

512 MB 19 Taka 7 Days

512 MB Tiktok internet package for 7 days validity. The price of this package is 19 taka. For enjoying unlimited Tiktok videos you can activate this package.

1 GB 43 Taka 30 Days

For monthly usage you can get activated 1 gigabyte Tiktok at Taka 43. There are no other packages for 30 days validity period.

We hope this article helps you getting useful information about grameenphone Tiktok internet package. If you like our content then don’t forget to share with your friends. Thank you very much for reading this article.

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