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GP Social Pack & Offer Code 2022 (Facebook, Messenger & WhatsApp)

In this article we are going to talk about GP social internet package & how to activate those social pack by Dialing code. By reading this article you will learn how to purchase those social internet package in GP.

GP Social Pack

There are many social pack available in Grameenphone for browsing Facebook, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Those packages are of various data range. You can buy small, medium & big data plan to browse social websites.

On the other hand, the data package has different type of validity. You can take daily, weekly and monthly social internet packages from grameenphone.

We divided this article on validity period. So that you can easily differentiate between them and purchase best fitting social package for you.

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GP Monthly Social Pack

From many years I am using monthly social package from grameenphone. It is 300MB and the price is only 20 Taka now. Previously the price was 18 taka.

And the validity period of this social internet package from using Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger is 30 days. This validity period counts from the date you purchase the volume.

The code of purchasing this social package is *5000*22*2#

In order to check remaining data volume you have to dial *121*1*4#

Details About GP Social Pack

Data Volume: 343MB

Device Type (3G): Mobile Browsing

Package Type: Social Packs

Price with SD & VAT: 20.00

Validity period: 30 Days

GP Social Pack Code

Currently there is only one social package in grameenphone. You get 300 megabytes of social volume with this package. The dialling code of this internet package is*5000*22*2#.

You can also buy this social internet package from your my GP app. In order to get the social data volume you can visit this link My GP App Social Pack.

Some important codes of GP:

Account Balance Check: *566#

Own number check: *2#

Internet Menu: *121#

Minutes Balance Check Code: *121*1*2#

GP WhatsApp Pack 2022

GP WhatsApp pack is the standard internet package for using WhatsApp and continue chatting with friends. WhatsApp is sister concern of Facebook. And Facebook has decided to integrate WhatsApp on Facebook Messenger.

After the integration between WhatsApp and Facebook, anyone can enjoy those platforms from only single app. Now we talk about GP WhatsApp pack 2022.

We have already discussed about GP social pack of Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

According to grameenphone declaration, now social internet package includes Facebook and Twitter.

Terms and Conditions

1. You can only browse Facebook and Twitter with this social pack.

2. If you don’t have data volume then you may be charged from your main account balance if you use this social package in your Android device.

3. After validity period is over this social internet package will be automatically vanished.

4. The validity period is not increase ible.

5. You have to follow terms and condition provided by grameenphone in order to use this social internet package.

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