GP Sim Replacement Charge, Offer, Point Near Me & Rate 2023

Do you need to replacement your sim card? Then this is the right time of your GP SIM replacement. Because currently grameenphone have some exclusive sim replacement offer.

In this article we are going to talk about GP sim replacement charge, and point near you and replacement rate in 2021. By reading this article you will gather some important information and frequently asked questions about GP SIM replacement.

GP Sim Replacement Charge

Sometimes GP has exclusive offer in replacement charge. By taking those offer you can free replace your sim card. But majority of time you have to pay charge for doing this.

There are some options available for you in order to make your GP sim replaced. But the charge is same. Therefore there are some reports that some Flexiload shop claim more money then the replacement rate fixed in the website of Grameenphone.

We are going to provide accurate information about GP sim replacement charge.

The replacement charge for GP sim card is 200 taka. You can order online for your GP sim replacement by visiting the website of grameenphone.

For GP star customer SIM replacement is free. This offer is on the applicable for existing GP star customers for the GP star sim card.

GP Sim Replacement Offer

Currently there are some exclusive internet and minute talktime offer for GP sim replacement. If you replace your sim card from 3G to 4G then you will get free internet offer. Details about SIM replacement offer will be found on the website of grameenphone.

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