GP Number Check Code 2023 Grameenphone Own Number Check

GP Number Check Code 2022 Grameenphone Own Number Check

If you are finding a way to check your Grameenphone or GP number via code, you have reached to the right place. This article guides you to all the available procedures to check your number and there are bunch of other information available for your convenience. Follow along and you can get the check code in bold letters with step-by-step process module.

Grameenphone, alternatively known by the name GP is the most popular network service provider in Bangladesh. It has its root originated from Norway and the company is named by “Telenor” in most of the countries where they have their reach. Grameenphone was the first private organization to launch GSM SIM network. Previously there was a CDMA company which has concluded its business in Bangladesh where GP is still thriving.

Grameenphone (GP) Number Check with Code

Follow along to get the definite check codes for a proper query of your Grameenphone (GP) Number. This can easily done by dialing an USSD code which is the most convenient way. The shortest code via which you can access your phone number is *2#. Moreover, there is another USSD code for checking own number which is *121*7*3#

It does come up with a pop-up message on your screen with your Grameenphone (GP) Number. Just note the number and proceed to using your phone as usual.

This part might help if you are a beginner level user. It dictates step-by-step procedure of sending the right query for your individual number.

  1. Open the “Phone” app or “Dial Pad”.
  2. Press *2# on your dial pad.
  3. Hit the call button.
  4. Receive the phone number from pop-up message.
  5. Click “Ok” and proceed.

There is an alternative way to find your number and it can be done by following process,

  1. Open the “Phone” app or “Dial Pad”.
  2. Press *111*8# on your dial pad.
  3. Hit the call button.
  4. Receive the phone number from pop-up message.
  5. Click “Ok” and proceed.

The number checking code is most easily achieved by running an USSD code which is the short form of “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. These USSD codes are also known as “Feature Codes” or “Quick Codes”. Each code resembles a unique problem or query and shows up specific answers.

Other Relevant Services of Grameenphone (GP):

If you are having a smartphone, it is the most viable option to download the “My GP” app from the Google Play Store. It has your own phone number at the very top left corner of your app homepage. You can have customized call rate and data packages according to your personal preferences. You can find your customization option from the Flexiplan panel.

If you feel the need to file a complaint, just dial 158 from your cell phone and enjoy free of cost complaint option. The regular customer service query or request is processed by emails also. You can send your opinion or service request at [email protected]

Grameenphone holds record number of network towers all over the country and known for smoothest calling option. It’s calling privacy is guaranteed and maintains a peer-to-peer encryption. You can head over to their official facebook page and join the excellent community. For that, you just have to reroute to

It is seemingly natural to forget own number due to surge of information all around and usage of multiple SIM. Memorizing the USSD code solves almost all of it. This function is available across all the devices.

If you have any more queries or questions, head over to our comment section and leave a comment or suggestion. We would be happy to meet your requirements and give you a smooth user experience from our services.

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