GP Balance Transfer System 2023 (GP to GP Code)

Sometimes we need to transfer balance from one sim to another in order to recharge it without going to Flexiload shop. Because of not knowing the exact formula we cannot transfer mobile balance from one GP sim to another GP Sim.

Want to transfer your balance from one gp sim to another GP sim? Are you interested to learn how the balance transfer system works in GP?

If your answer is yes, then this article will guide you to the way of GP balance transfer. Because in this article we are going to share with you balance transfer system from GP to GP sim card in 2023.

What is GP Balance Transfer

GP balance transferred is a system by Grameenphone that provides the facilities of transferring balance from one GP sim to another GP Sim.

Registered customers of grameenphone balance transfer can transfer their main account balance by sending mobile message to a particular number.

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One can transfer taka 50-100 in every SMS. The monthly transfer amount limit is 1000 taka. And you can transfer only 10 times per month.

In order to transfer balance you need to perform three steps.

  1. Registration to Balance Transfer Service
  2. Type an SMS in Prescribed Message Format
  3. Complete Balance Transfer Request

Desired number of GP balance transfer is 1000.

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All the essential things of transferring GP account balance will be discussed below.

How to Register for GP Balance Transfer Service

GP balance transfer registration is very easy. Anyone can get registered to this service. You need not to pay any additional charges let alone SMS charge. There are two particular methods available for two types of subscriber.

GP Balance Transfer System 2020

1. New Sim Method: Registered via Dialing Code

2. Old Sim Method: Registered via SMS method

New Registration System

You can Registered to GP balance transfer service from using my GP app. Aditionally you can also complete your balance transfer Registration by dialing SSSD code. And the code is *121*1500#.

At first dial the code and follow on screen instruction.

Then you need to press 1 in order to get registered to the service.

Old Registration System

Before the introduction of new registration system, GP users using SMS method of balance transfer system. That was not so easy. And registration method was a mess. Customer have to follow the guidelines in order to to use the service.

Follow the step-by-step process in order to get registered to this service.

At first open your mobile message option and select write new message.

Type REGI and send the message to 1000.

A pin number will be sent to your mobile message inbox.

Reserve the pin code in order to complete balance transfer.

How to Transfer Balance

The process is very easy and simple. And there are two methods of submitting balance transfer request. We will discussed that two below.

1st Method:

At first dial *121*1500#.

Then press 2.

Now enter desired phone number.

Then input amount. Remember you can transfer 10 to 100 taka every time.

And finally enter your balance transfer pin.

2nd Method:

Open Mobile message option & select Write New Message.

Type a message by following the exact SMS format.

SMS format for Balance Transfer Request is given below.

BTR(space)****(PIN)(space)0171***(mb no)(space)100(amount)

Example: BTR 1234 017234233** 100


How to Change Pin Code

You can easily change your balance transfer pin code by following our guideline.

GP Balance Transfer System 2020

Easy Method:

Dial *121*1500#.

Press 3 to change your pin.

Input old pin.

Then input new pin.

Again input the new pin to confirm pin code change request.

Difficult Method:

Open Message menu.

Select New message.

Then type the exact SMS format we provide below.
CPIN (space) OLDPIN (space) NEWPIN (space) NEWPIN

Example: CPIN 1234 4321 4321

Send the message to 1000 number.

GP Balance Transfer Limit

GP Balance Transfer System 2020

Limitation is everywhere in the world. Grameenphone balance transfer system is not beyond limitation. There is two types of limitation in balance transfer system of grameenphone.

1. You can transfer balance 10 Times every month.

2. Minimum 10 taka & maximum 100 taka can be transferred.

Banglalink to GP Balance Transfer

Users want to transfer balance from one operator to another operator. Majority of Banglalink users want to transfer their Banglalink main account balance to GP.

Unfortunately you cannot transfer balance from Banglalink to grameenphone. If you are looking for that service then we are sorry to say you.

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