Kivabe GP Sim 4G Korbo – GP Sim 3G to 4G Korbo Kivabe?

“Kivabe GP Sim 4G Korbo” or “GP Sim 3G to 4G Korbo Kivabe” is a hot question for many GP customer. There are some ways for making the change. In this article we are going to show you all those methods for GP sim 3G to 4G. So let’s get started.

Kivabe GP Sim 4G Korbo

You know that 4G is 4th generation network. The network speed of this 4G is very fastest then 3G. If you want to browse internet in fastest speed then this is the only solution.

Kivabe GP Sim 3G to 4G Korbo

Bangladesh has announced that it will support 4G network coverage. After the announcement grameenphone Robi, Airtel and Banglalink rushed to convert their 3G sim to 4G. Grameen phone provide free opportunity for transferring their 3G into 4G.

But many of the customers don’t know how to convert their Sim. So you are going to show you the exact way on Kivabe 3G sim k 4G korben.

Now we are going to give instruction and oils for transferring your SIM from 3G to 4G.

From Customer Care

You can easily convert your GP 3G sim to 4G from customer care. The process is very easy and simple. You have to visit your nearest GP customer care for doing that.

When you visit to the customer care, they will ask you about your problem. You have to describe that you are going to transfer your 3G sim to 4G. The rest task should be done by the authority.

From GP Point

GP point is giving you free opportunity for converting your 3G sim to 4G. For that purpose, you have to visit your nearest GP Point. You can get the address of your nearest GP Point from internet.

When you go to that place they will ask your problem. You have to tell them that you are interested for transferring your 3G sim to 4G sim card.

From Your Nearest Shop

This may be very surprising that you can now convert your sim card from flexiload shop. But you have to visit those shop that have Sim selling ability. The best practice is that you should visit your nearest market shop to do that.

Kivabe GP Sim 3G to 4G Korbo

How to convert GP sim 3G to 4G is a hot question? Or Kivabe GP Sim 3G to 4G korbo? Do you know the answer of this question? if you don’t know, then we are going to give answer to this question.

Kivabe GP Sim 3G to 4G Korbo

We have already talked about the methods for transferring your sim card. By following those methods you can easily migrate your sim card.

GP sim 3G to 4G Code

Do you know what is the code for migrating your sim card into 4G? We think that you don’t know the code. Because there is no code for that. Actually, this is a misconception that by dialling the code you cannot convert your 3G sim to 4G.

GP MB Transfer System

Do you know that grameenphone is started a new system for transferring mb? Yes, you are not dreaming. Because from now on, any gp customer can gift Internet package to any gp sim.

But majority of grameenphone customer don’t know how to give internet package to another gp sim. So we decided that we will help GP customers finding out the methods. So let’s get started.

At first you have to understand that you can only gift mb to your another sim only using my GP app. You can download my GP app from Google Play store from this link.

Then you have to open my gp app and navigate to flexiplan. On that menu, you have to create a package at your sweet will. After that you have to input your desired GP number and click on Gift button.

And then a 4 digit pin will arrive in your inbox. You need to input the code correctly in your confirmation box. And finally the bundle will be gifted.

Updated: April 7, 2020 — 1:12 am

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