GP 9Tk 1GB Offer 2023 – Code & Details

Do you know that Grameen phone is offering 1GB internet for only 9 Taka? Yes, from a few days, GP is giving 1GB internet only at Taka 9 for 7 days validity. Anyone can take this offer in their sim card. But many of us don’t know how to take the offer. By reading this article you will learn how to get 1 GB internet in GP Sim.

Who is eligible for GP 9tk 1GB Offer

All the customers of Grameenphone are not eligible for 9tk 1gb offer. Then who are eligible for that offer? We are going to discuss who is eligible for taking the offer.

Frequently grameenphone sends you SMS from GP offer. And with those SMS they declared that you will be eligible for any specific offer. Did you received any SMS regarding 1GB internet offer? Then you can Buy the bundle.

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GP 9tk 1GB Offer Code

You need to know the exact code of getting the internet package. There is a special code for buying 1GB of internet at taka 9.

GP 1GB 15Taka Offer

Many of you don’t know what is the code for getting one gigabyte of internet. That’s why it seems to us that it is our responsibility to teach you the code. So we are going to show you the exact code of getting a grameen phone 1GB internet offer 2023 at taka 9.

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How to Take the Offer

If you are eligible for this offer then you can take this offer. The process of checking eligibility is very easy.

For doing that you have to activate your grameenphone sim. By inserting your sim card, you have to check your GP offer SMS from inbox. If you find any SMS from the grameenphone, then you can avail the offer by dialling a specific code. You can find the code in your inbox.

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Terms and Conditions of This Offer

There are some terms and condition of this offer. You have to abide by the rules and conditions. The internet package will be offered as soon as recharge exactly 9tk from Flexiload. Here we are going to show you terms and conditions apply 9 Taka 1GB internet offer.

1. You will get 1024 MB internet.

2. Applicable for 24 hours usage.

3. Validity period of this package is 7days.

4. You have to abide by BTRC terms and condition of using internet.

5. Fair uses policy is applicable after consuming this data pack.

What You Should Know

You have to know many things before buying this bundle. The package is 2G, 3G, 4G. So you can use the internet in any network.

My GP App 9Tk 1GB Offer 2023

There were many of you wanted to know how is speed will you get while using this bundle? For them we are going to share my experience. You can download any file using this internet at 2 MBPS speed. But you have to keep in mind that the internet speed will depend on your device.

I am using 4G router. So my internet speed is always 3 mbps. We suggest you to use high-speed devices. internet browsing speed is always depend on your Device Ram.

GP Bondho Sim 9 Taka Internet Offer

There are some exciting deals waiting for you. Avail the offer if you have any deactivated sim card.

Any grameenphone customers can avail this internet package if there sim card is deactivated for more than 3 months. Grameenphone is giving you frequently bondho sim offer. So if you are looking for exciting offer, then you can insert your sim card and active him.

How to Reactivate GP Bondho Sim

There are thousands of GP Sim deactivated due to some reasons. GP is giving you an opportunity to deactivate your GP bondho. Sim, if you wish to take any internet offer.

Anyone can reactivate their deactivated sim card by inserting if into any devices. And you need to recharge from flexiload to reactivate it. You can recharge any amount of money to reactivate your sim card.

GP New SIM 9Tk 1GB 7 Days Internet Offer 2023

  • New prepaid sim user can claim this offer. This offer is applicable for several times.
  • You can buy 1GB Internet at Tk 9
  • Validity period of this internet package is 7 days.
  • This internet bundle 3G, 4G support.
  • You have to dial *121*1*4# to check data balance.
  • Please keep in mind that you have to dial *121*1111# (free) to know the remaining options for each month.
  • You can only by this bundle by recharging exact Taka Nayan from grameenphone flexiload.
  • The offer will continue until the next announcement. You can buy unlimited number of Sims to avail this offer.

My GP App 9tk 1GB Offer

Anyone can purchase this internet package from my GP app. But you have to keep in mind that you must need old SIM card in order to take this internet bundle. Because this offer is not for all.

There is a option for checking your eligibility from this app. In order to do that you need to login using your sim card number. After login in you have to visit offer area. On that area you will find my offer.

A complete list will be shown about your offer. Look for this internet bundle offer at 9taka for 1GB for 7 days validity. If you got it then click on buy now button. If you have sufficient balance in your account balance then this package will be automatically activated.

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