Get 1GB Internet Everyday from My Robi & My Airtel App – The Ultimate Guide to Earn 1024 MB Per Day

Great opportunity for our readers! Today we are going to introduce new opportunity for all the interested people who want to earn internet from online.

In this article we are going to share an application that will give you the sons of earning 1GB Internet per day by referring app.

Do you want to get 1GB internet everyday? Then read this article. By reading this article you will learn how to download the app and install it from Google Play Store. In the latter part we will guide you to get 1GB internet.

How to Get Free 1GB Internet

Nothing free is available at the moment. Although Robi and Airtel are promoting it but that is not the case.

You must work hard to get 1 GB internet. You can only get internet by referring to their official application.


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If you can get your friend to download Airtel and Robi software, you will get a certain number of megabytes of internet bonus.

In this way, if a few people can download the application, you will get 1 GB of internet for free. Now we will discuss how to download Robi and Airtel apps.

Download My Robi App & Installation Process

Downloading the app from Google Play Store is very easy. You can get the download link from Google or simply install it by searching its name on Google play store search bar. So you have to type My Robi in search bar. Click on the very first link from search result page.

Once the app is downloaded, you can get 1 GB of internet per day by referring your friend. You do not have to pay any charges for this need to be mentioned here.

However, your friend must download the application by clicking on the referral link provided by you. To learn the referral system, you have to read below writing carefully.

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Download Guide of My Airtel App

If you are an Airtel customer, you can also get 1 GB of internet for free every day. For this you must download My Airtel app. The application will be available on the Google Play Store and Airtel’s official website.

Now we will describe in detail how to easily install the software on your mobile. To download and install the software, you must first visit the Google Play Store.

Then you have to type My Airtel in the search bar. And click the Enter button. Click on the first link to be the result displayed. Then click the Install button.

Wait a while then your software will be downloaded. When the download is complete, the automatic software will be installed.

Once the software is installed, you need to register with your Airtel number.

Now we will discuss how to get 1 GB internet for free by referring the app to Robi and Airtel SIM.

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My Airtel App Referral System

My Airtel App referral system is very easy. My Airtel app To refer your friend, first open the app. Then click on Refer A Friend.

Your friend will be given a link to write the app. We are highlighting it below with the help of diagram. Then you can copy the link.

Once the link is copied, you can give the status on Facebook or share the link to a friend in the inbox on Facebook Messenger.

You will get one megabyte of internet for each referral. This way you can get 1 GB internet for free.

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My Robi App Referral System

Robi app needs to be referred just like Airtel. After logging in to your Robi app, you will get the option to refer from the menu.

From there you need to copy your referral link. Then you need to share the link with your friends and ask them to download the software and activate the account.

This way you will get 1 GB free internet in Robi SIM every day without any hassle.

Check Referral Internet Volume

The system of checking 1 GB internet earned in Robi and Airtel SIM is very simple. You will get options by opening the app.

From there you can see how many people have downloaded your software. And how many megabytes of bonus you got will be mentioned there.

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