Flexiplan 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2023

Flexiplan 500 SMS 30 Days Code

Those who want to buy 500 SMS from Grameenphone SIM operator through flexiplan or dial code will give the correct information so that it is convenient for you to buy this offer. Nowadays, we can keep in touch with people we know very easily online, but sometimes due to lack of internet connection or many times we have to send SMS on mobile phone for various needs. If you can buy 500 SMS without spending a certain amount for each SMS with mobile phone SMS and if you need these SMS in your daily life, then if you buy it through Flexiplan, it will be much cheaper for you.

Although it is supposed to communicate through the Internet at all times, there are many people who do not use the Internet or do not use the Internet for urgent purposes. In this case, if you need to keep in touch with someone or if it is not possible to call them on mobile phone, then you can update them about every information through SMS. So we will tell you through this post how to buy 500 SMS based on using Flexiplan. I will tell you the correct rules or teach you how to buy 500 sms using dial code if you don’t have flexiplan.

Since we are providing you the information from internet package to minute package, you can buy all the packages using the specific dial code based on this information and enjoy them in your daily life. Since keeping in touch with every person has become essential for various tasks, it is possible to contact easily by SMS or calling with the mobile phone in hand without waiting for it. So below we tell you how to buy and use 500 SMS through flexiplan and using dial code so you will be able to buy and enjoy these packages accordingly.

First of all we will tell you how to buy 500 SMS in Grameenphone SIM company through flexiplan. In this case, you can download the software called My GP from the Play Store, similarly, after downloading the software called Flexiplan, you can easily open it or login and go to the offers that are there and select your offer. In this case, after setting a period of 30 days instead of the period, select 500 SMS and leave all the other offers as zero. Then clicking on the purchase option will take you to the next page showing the price and how reasonable it is to buy it with the balance displayed on your phone.

Thus you can buy 500 SMS through Flexiplan apps as per the rules mentioned above and currently the price of this pot SMS is fixed at Taka 29. But if someone wants to buy SMS through SMS then I will say that you have to go to the dial pad of the mobile phone and go there and dial *111*10*6#. That is, on dialing this code, you will be given 500 SMS and the prescribed amount of balance will be deducted from your account. Hope that through this post you have been able to know about the rules of buying 500 SMS through Grameenphone SIM operator.

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