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Advance server registration link and procedure for the FPS game Free Fire is available on this post. For each gameplayer of Free Fire, advance servers are the most cherished parts of the game corporation Garena Free Fire. A huge amount of players and streamers await for the release to take part. The most significant part of this update is the availability or upgrade of new players.

Moreover, there are few new bellies that would be made available to the players which you can customize with new players or the existing ones. Association of new players and stomach give the characters more extravagant abilities and it is a new feature to play with. Yes, most certainly it is difficult for the game maker to associate the upgrades to an existing server without interrupting the ongoing game lines.

To resolve this issue Garena always uses a new server each time they make an upgrade or advance server. It gives the developers opportunity to work with their freewill and make soulful change to the previous game engine. To add to this, they can take their time to develop certain features and enable a deep test run with their server.

Free Fire Advance Server Code 2022

Though if you are a player or a broadcaster of this game, you certainly need to know about all the new attributes and strands to elevate your gaming condition. It is also crucial tho know about the update from the very rudimentary position, because, you might face an enemy using upgraded features. Knowing about all the facts and formulation of the updates make a player maintain their prodigy and make the best use of their creative skills on this game.

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In case of FPS gaming, it is always a matter of split second decision. If you run out of information, you are vulnerable to your enemy and susceptible to bring a defeat to your team. Please follow along this article to know about all the updates and most importantly the server registration procedure for most of your convenience.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2022

Hopefully you can find all your queries resolves from this article and need not to go to any other third party scam websites to get into trouble. This is also being cleared out to you that, there are many scam websites which can mislead you and waste your precious time. If you run through some malicious website you are also tractable of loosing your secured information and become a victime of third party scam. So it is very important that you stay with the post to get the original link and right procedure for your best interest.

About Free Fire Advance Server

Garena creates a new server to add the new features every two months. It is long awaited for gamers to show their skills on new platforms. The developers take their time before releasing the newer props and features to the developed server. After all the traits and attributes are added to the server, they open it to existing dedicated users to play on this new platform.

The players can play on these advance server and report bugs of this game. Those player who can report bugs to the Garena Free Fire developers, they are awarded with diamonds which are very rewarding to formulate upgrades during their gameplay. These Free Fire Advance Server registration is open to only few lucky players who can download and activate the code for most of their interest while rest of the others might perish.

If is seemed regularly that, all the dedicated players are very much interested with their best interest about the new upgrades. While the upgrades bring many fascinating and exquisite amendments like pets, ability, balances, game physics, guns and most importantly the characters. It is already declared that, Garena Free Fire is the most liked and favoured game of 2022.

It is also considered the best game of this year. It in verily agreed that, with great rewards come great responsibilities. In accordance Garena developers have tried their best to bring out the highest outcome of their merit while giving the players many more features with their amendments.

Procedure and Links for Free Fire Advance Server Registration 2022

The newest Advance Server of Garena Free Fire is called ob36. It is very easy to register to the advance server if you follow the statements clearly which are provided underneath. Though, it is very important for you to remember that, if you do have an existing Garena FF account, you do not need to count on any other for your ingress into the advance server. You can use your previous credentials and proceed with full hallmark. Though if you do not have one, it is best to go through the bullet points which guides you step by step to the official registration procedure.

Proceed to Garena’s Official Website
Here you would be presented with two options which are log in using your facebook account or login with your email account.

You are free to choose any one of them as per your convenience.
Upon choosing your preferred login option, your registration would be complete

Additionaly, after your registration, you need to complete your profile where you have to put few of your personal credentials which contains your full name, your active email and your active phone number. Albeit, if you are using the official website of Garena, you do not need to worry about your credentials as they are in safe hands.

Activation and Server Code for Free Fire Advance Server

If your registration and profile creation is complete, you would also need the server code to play on their platform. These server codes are hard to come by. You definitely need to ask to Garena for Garena Partner Program. Upon your query, you would be given advance server code.

If you are not yet able to pull one for you, we are here to help. Following there are few server codes which enables you to play with all the amenities of the game. You can copy and paste these codes at your disposal for your further use and your advance gameplay.


Hope, this article has met all your queries. We would like to keep you informed of further updates. If you need to know something more about the game or any other feature, please leave a comment or query.

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