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Dear Visitors, You already know that a new system for ticketing railway tickets has been introduced at present. In other words, by going to the previous website and following the previous rules, it is no longer customary to buy tickets. You already know that for a few days now you have to collect the train ticket directly from the railway ticket counter.

The previous system was completely abolished and now Bangladesh Railway has introduced ticketing system on their own website. So if you want to know the rules of Bangladesh Railway ticket cutting then this post has been made for you. You can learn the rules of Bangladesh Railway ticketing online from here at home.

In case of Bangladesh Railway ticketing, you will have to mention the place from which you will travel as well as your destination and provide other information. However, since the system of ticketing through apps has not been introduced yet, you have to buy tickets on the website and the first thing you need to do in order to buy tickets on the website is to go to the website and register. How to register. We will come back to you later with the detailed rules of ticketing and I hope you will stay with us till then.

Bangladesh Railway Department has introduced new ticketing system and in order to buy this ticket you have to go to the website and login or register. In order to go to the website and register for the ticket, you must first know the address of the website. The current website address of Bangladesh Railways is Or if you go to English and search by typing railway ticketing, the website will be displayed first and you will be able to enter that website.

E Ticket Railway Gov Bd registration Book Online Ticket

And if you want to copy the link from here, then copy it and go to the search bar and paste it, you will get the opportunity to go directly to the official website. All you have to do to register is to enter your name there. Use the name according to your national identity card here. Then you have to go down and fill in the boxes below. You will then need to provide your email address and must provide. Then put your mobile number there. After entering the mobile number, you have to retype again.

Then go to your house and set the password and this password has to be done with digits and letters. This will make your password uncommon and no one will be able to collect the password. Then you have to give the confirm password again. Now you need to provide your identity and in order to provide this identity you need to select birth registration certificate or national identity card. If you select Birth Registration Certificate then enter its 17 digit number and if you select National Identity Card then enter its number in the box below.

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Now you need to provide the postcode. This means that the area where you live has a specific postcode and you put this post code there knowingly. You have to go to your house and provide your address and in providing this address, mention the name of the police station or the name of the district including the village. Click Sign Up to submit this information.

If you go to the next page, you will receive an SMS to your given mobile number and an OTP number will be sent to that SMS. Once you enter the OTP number, it will be determined that you can complete the registration there and later the ticketing process will be open for you.

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