E Ticket Railway Gov Bd Registration Book Online Ticket eticket Railway.Gov.Bd

E Ticket Railway Gov Bd registration Book Online Ticket

You will be happy to know that Bangladesh Railway Service has introduced new ticketing system. In other words, after canceling the previous system, now Bangladesh Railway has introduced ticketing system on its own official website.

Usually we need to travel from one place to another for different needs so we can travel and enjoy the benefits thanks to Bangladesh Railway Service. So if you want to travel on Bangladesh Railway at the present time, then you have to buy tickets online and the first step in all the rules for buying these tickets is to go to the website and register. Do you know how to complete the registration by entering the new official website of Bangladesh Railway?


If you do not know this rule then today’s post will provide you all the information that you can go directly to the official website by analyzing or following the information and after completing the registration there you can buy the ticket later when you need. So those who want to buy a ticket will follow the correct rules of our website and will be the first to complete the registration from here.

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There are many people who do not know the address of the official website directly and it is unknown to many that the address of the official website has been changed later. So here you are given the address of the office website and the address of that website is https://eticket.rancil.gov.bd/register/en.

E Ticket Railway Gov Bd registration Book Online Ticket

When you enter here, first of all, click on the information provided in English called Account, and when you click there, a form will open in front of you. Now you have to provide the information in chronological order and go to the first cell and enter your name. You must use the email address in the next cell and make sure that you are able to use this email address. Go to the next cell and use a mobile number and later use the same mobile number to confirm again.


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Now you need to set a password and create a password for this account in a way that makes it strong and uncommon. Now go to the next cell and select an option to provide your identification. This means that you have to confirm whether you want to give this ID verification from birth registration or from national identity card. Now you have to go to the next room and enter the correct number according to the information you have given.

Ticket Book Online of www.railway.gov.bd

Go down and enter the post code of your area and click on signup with the address. If the mobile number you provided is active then an instant SMS will be sent and you will be able to collect OTP code from this SMS. After collecting the OTP code, now you have to put it in the empty cell or in many cases the OTP code is automatically input.

After giving the OTP code, you have to register and if your information is provided correctly, then the registration will be successful by providing your information.

Step 1: At first visit this link www.eticket.railway.gov.bd
Step 2: Then click on Registration or Create a New Account.
Step 3: Provide your personal information like User name, date of birth, NID or Birth Certificate 17 Digit number, address, contact number with email.
Step 4: Enter all the information correctly then click on Submit.
Step 5: After a while, you get a verification code in your mobile number.
Step 6: Enter this security code on the e-ticket website and click on Registration.

Now you have completed the registration and check your email. If you go to the email, you will see that there has been an email from the official website and you have been informed about the congress. Moreover, you will get the click hair option there and by clicking on this option, complete your registration and enjoy the opportunity to travel anywhere in Bangladesh by buying a ticket from the official website of Bangladesh.

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