E Namjari Online Check mutation land.gov.bd

E Namjari Online Check mutation land.gov.bd

Dear Visitors, We welcome all of you who have come to know about the rules of checking e-namzari online by visiting our website. We all know more or less what e-namjari is. For those of you who understand land rejection, it is called namazari and because it is done online, it is called e-namzari. At present you have to do any land related work online and after doing all the work starting from online application process you have to go to the office of your nearest land ministry and do that work there.


The most important of the current land orders or rules is that you have to buy the land and if you have bought this land from relatives then you have to register after purchasing the land. Because even if it is registered according to the government rules, according to this registry, you will not be able to put its name in the official register completely. So officially you have to take the land in your own name by naming it and later you have to establish the ownership of the land by occupying it.

However, e-namazari is important and following the current rules, those of you who do this namjari will find out this information from our website or if there are any more important questions in this regard, what can we do. Now if you have applied online for namazari and have submitted the required documents to the land office after applying, then check the website online to know the status of the person who has submitted your application form after making this application.

You will be able to know the exact rules of checking Namjari online at home by thinking about you and by checking this Namjari you will understand how many days later you may be ordered for hearing or within how many days this work related to rejection of your land may be completed. Also, follow the simple rules to find out what your status is in return for all the paperwork you have submitted or the amount of money that has been spent.

It is seen that by applying online, you often do not get the order or call for hearing and you may think that your application has been rejected or not accepted. In that case, by checking this namjari, find out its status and to check the namjari, you have to go to the official website of the Ministry of Land, i.e. https://land.gov.bd/en/.

After entering there you have to first select the category to check the e-namjari and after selecting you have to provide the application ID which was given to you at the time of application. Then enter the phone number with which you have applied and with the sum of the numbers below you will be asked to click on the submit button then go to the next page to know the name of the person whose name has been applied and the status of this application.

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