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Some other like we also search for more Bangla fonts so that we can use it in writing Bangla in our computer. It is a matter of joy that now-a-days we also have not a few Bangla fonts for typing in our computer.

Some are used for only regular typing and some are for designing. At present many of the computer users know the name of Durbar Bangla font. It is another Unicode font. It is as simple as we use like the other Unicode fonts.

Durbar Unicode Bangla Font

Durbar Unicode Bangla font is recently a well-known font that is used for Writing Bangla in our computer. It is a geometric font. There are two types of Durbar Bangla Font.

One is regular and another is Italic. This font is mostly used by the designers. Mainly this font is for magazines, posters and logos.

Thouhidul Islam Himel is the inventor of this font. This is a very useful font for the designers. It can be used in computer and Mac also.

You can use it in Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016 too.

Download Durbar Bangla Font

You can download Durbar Bangla font from the internet. If you don’t know any accurate site name, then go to the Google and search the font.

There you will be shown some of the websites where you can download easily.

Durbar Bangla Font Download Link

Installing Durbar Bangla font in your Computer

It is also an easy task installing the font in your computer. First find the folder where you download the file.

Then open the file. It might be zipped. So, first unzip the file. Then you get the original file.

Open it and there you might find a ttf type file. Open the ttf file and top of the file you find the installation button. Click on the button.

The font will be installed in your computer in your computer in a few moments.

How to use Durbar Bangla Unicode Font in your Computer

It is the same process you use a Unicode Font in your computer. First you have to be sure that it is installed in your computer. Then open a word file in your computer.

In the menu bar you will find the font style box in the bar. In the box you will find a lot of font’s name. Find out the Durbar font and choose it as your font.

Then Click (ctrl+alt+v). Now start writing. Durbar Bangla font is ready to use in your computer.
It is pleasure to share this with you and hope that you will like it.

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