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Class 9 ICT Assignment Solution

In this age of information and communication technology, smartphones are in everyone’s hands. So we all understand very easily what software is. Even then, in the interest of letting students know, software is one of the things we can do very easily. Through software we get our desired object, we can do our desired work, we can reach our desired goal.

Software comes in different types whether it is business purpose software or search engine or entertainment software or social communication software. Thanks to the Internet, we now visit different sites and collect different types of information. There is a difference between normal and social sites.

General sites usually provide different types of information, different types of products are sold and through social websites one can relate to each other, can talk, can share memories of happiness and sorrow. This means that social sites are private and general sites are open to the public but not everyone can use them. We have to take the help of software to visit those sites.

Class 9 Information and Communications Technology Assignment Solution

We can easily install and uninstall all the software we need on the sites where we feel the need in our educational life. Many times we use passwords to protect the personal information of our software. Of course, the passwords we use must be unique so that no one else can access my account and reveal anything obscene or bad to others. It is the loss of oneself and the loss of society.

The role of ICT in education is very important in the present age. A student can organize his lessons in a very beautiful way for the benefit of the internet. A person can easily get a career stimulus. With the help of information and communication technology, you can develop your career by taking online exams with preparation at home.

Even a student can collect various reports using the internet for school assignments and accordingly create a report of his own which will become a unique report to him.

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