Class 9 Assignment Business Entrepreneurship Solution 2020 ব্যবসায় উদ্যোগ অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট

Business ventures are a must for commerce groups. It is taught to ninth and tenth grade students in Bangladesh. Educational institutions are closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The government has taken several initiatives to ensure that Bangladeshi students do not shy away from reading and writing. As part of this, assignment writing is going on as an alternative to the annual exam.

In the continuation of this, students of sixth to ninth class have to write and submit assignments. And for this the syllabus of the assignment from the Board of Education is being published.

However, many students want to see the draft business enterprise assignment from the Internet. Thinking about all those students, today we are going to present the solution to the question of the assignment of ninth grade business enterprise subject.

Class 9 Assignment Bebsai Uddog Solution

You already know that the first week of business enterprise subject assignment submission time is over. The syllabus of the assignment for the third week has been published again. There are questions from chapters three, four, and five.

By reading this article you will know the answers to all those questions. So let’s start the main discussion without delay.


  1. আত্মকর্মসংস্থান কী?

2. এক মালিকানা ব্যবসায়ের ৫টি উপযুক্ত ক্ষেত্রের নাম লিখ?

3. ‘চুক্তি অংশীদারি ব্যবসায়ের মূল ভিত্তি’- ৫টি বাক্যে উত্তর লিখ।

4. কপিরাইট কাকে বলে?

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