Class 8 Assignment ICT Solution Download 2020 – আইসিটি এসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্নের সমাধান

Corona virus is a name of panic at the present time. Its impact has spread everywhere starting from educational institutions. Therefore, the educational institutions are currently suspended. Assignments have been arranged in every school of the country in an initiative to continue the education system of the students.

We appreciate the students’ activism through assignments. But assignments have become an obscure subject due to lack of experience of students. So we are making and doing arrangements to create assignments based on different topics for the students on this website. By visiting our website regularly you will get your desired object. Below is an eighth grade information and communication technology assignment.

In today’s age of information and technology, every person in the world has become quite active. Now people no longer have eight or six offices. Sitting at home, he does the daily necessary work. From official work to home shopping, people can now do it at home as a result of information and communication technology. Employment in information and communication technology is the name of a new discovery.

With the advancement of information and communication technology, people are now arranging their employment online. People earn different types of income through various career activities online. As a result of information and communication technology, communication system has become quite easy. One can easily communicate with one another from one end of the earth to the other in a matter of seconds.

Information and communication technology has brought a radical change in the field of trade and commerce. Now it is possible to sell every product in the country through courier across the country by advertising online. Even if we need something, we can order it from home and get it as a result of information and communication technology. Various government activities have now become easier.

People can easily get various government information sitting at home. If the government changes the permit or anything, it is giving the opportunity to the general public to know through the website. This reduces the risk of the general public being deceived. Advances in information and communication technology have led to many changes in the medical system. People are not suffering from any disease now.

Diagnosing the disease through computer and being able to take the right service. Research journals are now available on the Internet as a result of information and communication technology. We can easily find out the information that is a friendly help for a researcher with one click on the internet.

All of this has now been made possible by building computer networks on computers. The media we connect to the computer network include media, adapters, resource protocols, and so on. We can easily build area based relationships through different systems And for that, personal area network, local area network, municipality area network etc. are helping.

So information-and-communication-technology has created beautiful opportunities through radical changes in human life.

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