Class 8 English Assignment Solution Download 2020 ইংরেজি ১০০% সঠিক সমাধান

Assignment has become like a chore for the present student life. Having been at home for a long time, their education is now lazy. Their relationship with reading and books has become a long way off. Regular students are now far away from books.

And at this time the National Board of Education has taken a step called school based and subject based assignment for the mobilization of students. In this way, each student has to submit thematic assignments to the teacher of their respective school.

Class 8 English Assignment Answer

But when the students of our country decided in their mind at the beginning of the year that this time they will get a very good result in JSC examination. They started studying with that hope. But at the beginning of March, due to the entry of Bangladesh coronavirus, the school institutions were closed. In this way the students are staying in their respective homes. Due to the gradual increase in holidays, they are becoming reluctant to study.

To take this assignment in order to create reluctance of students towards learning. But students are absolutely inexperienced about assignments. At no time in the past have high school students thought or tried to do an assignment. So to allay their assignment fears, we are regularly publishing assignments on our website.

You can download it for free.
You have made up your mind that if you do the assignments in any way, you will survive. But in order to present the assignments beautifully to the teacher, some special approach has to be taken. So that you can present your assignment from your classmate to the teacher in the best way.

Class 8 4th Week English Assignment Answer

Finally the solution of the 4th week assignment question is published for class 8 English subject. We have solved every question with hard work and dedication. You can view the draft answer sheet from here and create your own assignment. Hope you get the highest number. Assignment answers to more topics have been given on our website. People are searching for class 8 4th week Enreji, Prosner Answer from,,,,, & They think that only is publishing question solution for 4th week assignment for class 8. We hope you have already downloaded 3rd week assignment for every subjects. চতুর্থ সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্নের উত্তর ৮ম শ্রেণি। ৮ম, অষ্টম শ্রেণির ইংরেজি অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্নের উত্তর। এসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্ন সমাধান ৪ সপ্তাহ ডাউনলোড ২০২০।

We are trying to give various instructions on that art-technique with assignments. So that there is no fear or reluctance towards a student. We are working towards the goal of achieving the percentage of marks obtained through constructive and creative assignments. You will find English subject assignments on our website.


Changing assertive sentences into interrogative Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following questions:

1) Where did you visit?
2) Why did you go there?
3) How did you go there?
4) Who accompanied you?
5) Did you like the place? Why/Why not?



The place I Visited Last Year


অষ্টম শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান

Why Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us



Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful Dove”

How We Can Help the Gypsy Children with Learning

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