Class 8 BGS Assignment Solution 2020 Bangladesh & Global Studies Answer Download

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Class 8 Bangladesh & Global Studies Assignment Solution

The Portuguese established the first trading post among European merchants in the subcontinent. The Portuguese first came to Bengal among the European merchants in 1517 AD. The issue of piracy was more prevalent among the Portuguese than trade. At that time the Arakanese pirates and the Portuguese pirates were very violent in the southern part of Bengal. Qasim Khan, the subaddar of Bengal, expelled the Portuguese from Hughli during the reign of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

In 16 Mughal emperor Shaista Khan renamed Chittagong as Islamabad. Then one by one the Dutch forces, the Danes, the English came to our country. The British East India Company was formed in 1600 AD by 218 English merchants to trade during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Emperor Akbar of Delhi. Calcutta was the administrative center of the East India Company. Calcutta Fort William is named after King Film of England.

The people of this country were liberated from the hands of the British in 1947. The state of Pakistan was born. After the inclusion of our country after the state of Pakistan, East Pakistan and our country have to be discriminated against in various ways from which it gradually turned into a war of liberation. The people of this country jumped into the war of independence and snatched the sun of the country’s independence through a long and bloody war of nine months.

Nine months later, on 16 December, 90,000 Pakistani troops surrendered and were driven out of the country by the West Pakistani invaders. We live in an independent country, but many of us may not know how much sacrifice, how much struggle, how much history of self-sacrifice is involved in the people of this country behind independence, so we respect them all with due respect.

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