Class 6 BGS Assignment Solution 2020 Bangladesh & Global Studies Answer Download

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Class 6 Bangladesh & Global Studies Assignment Solution

Below is a detailed discussion of Bangladesh and world identity, sixth grade assignment.
In 1947, the state of Pakistan was born. Present day Bangladesh included the then East Pakistan. This country was being subjected to various forms of exploitation and deprivation from West Pakistan. Gradually, it came to an end with the language movement, the 1954 elections, the sixty-two education movement, the 6 points of the 6th, the mass uprising of the seventy-nine, the elections of the seventies and the elections of 1970.

In the 1970 elections, the Awami League won an absolute majority. But instead of forming a government, President Yahya Khan adjourned the National Assembly on March 1, 1971 indefinitely. On the same day in protest, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called for a nationwide non-cooperation movement. The speech of March 7, 1971 was the certificate of liberation of Bengalis.

At 3:20 pm on March 7, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Racecourse Maidan was present at Suhrawardy Udyan. Bangabandhu’s next step was to gain independence! “Build forts in every house. You have to deal with the enemy with whatever you have.” He added, “When I have given blood, I will give more blood. I will liberate the people of this country, Inshallah. This time the struggle is for our liberation. This time the struggle is for our freedom.”

The subject of the March 7 speech was the repeal of martial law, the withdrawal of troops from barracks, an investigation, and the transfer of power to elected representatives. He renamed the country of the future using the word Bangladesh in the presence of one million spectators. Operation Searchlight was the name given to the genocidal operation carried out by the Pakistani army on the night of March 25, 1971 in what was then East Pakistan.

The invaders conducted the operation on March 25, but originally planned it from the beginning of March. And it was implemented on the night of March 25. In the cabinet meeting in 2016, it was decided to celebrate the special day as the day of genocide. After the declaration of independence, a government was formed on 10 April 1971 in Mujibnagar.

On the 17th their oath was read. The country’s war system was introduced through the newly formed government and after a long nine-month war and various tactics, the country became independent from West Pakistan and on 16 December 1971, Bangladesh was established as an independent country.
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