How to Check Robi Number – Robi Number Dekhar Code

How to Check Robi Number - Robi Number Dekhar Code

Do you want to check Robi number? Don’t you know the rules for checking Robi number? Then learn how to check Robi number through this post today. For your convenience, we have given the dial code to check Robi number inside our post. For those Robi customers who want to get their own Robi number or someone else’s Robi number quickly, follow the rules given below.

If you do not remember your Robi number in an emergency moment, then if you want to go to the dial option of the mobile and press a specific dial code, your Robi number will come out immediately. So today you know how to check Robi number and let those who don’t know this rule know the rules to check Robi number. So without further ado we go to the bottom of our website and from there learn the exact rules of how to check Robi number.

Robi Number Check Code

Many times we do not have the balance to talk on our mobile phones. In that case, if we want to use Robi SIM after a long time, then it may become normal for us to forget the number. If you use Flexiload from your bKash or transfer money from Flexiload store to mobile, you must tell or dial your number.

In that case, what would you do if you did not remember your number? Then you must follow the rule shown on our website and check your Robi number. However, many times it is seen that you can know the Robi number by calling from one mobile to another. If both of them do not have balance in mobile number then you will not be able to use this rule. In that case, if you know how to view the Robi number provided by our website, it will be very useful for you.

At present people are using SIMs of different operators for different offers and opportunities. So you use the SIM according to the offer you like. Moreover, having multiple numbers, it is often not possible to remember all the numbers. In that case, it is normal for a person to forget his own SIM number.

How to Check Own Robi Number

So if for some reason you have forgotten the Robi number or if you try to give the number to someone and see that the number is wrong with you, then you will first go to the dial option on your mobile. Go there and dial the specific number and in a few seconds you will be able to check the Robi number.

So to check your Robi number, go to the dial option of your mobile phone and dial * 2 #. After selecting your Robi SIM, you will be able to know the Robi number used. Besides, you will dial another dial code i.e. * 140 * 2 * 4 #. You can check your Robi number.

If any customer checks Robi number with Flexiload and wants to check the balance after giving Flexiload, you can dial * 222 #. Then you can see the current balance of your mobile in this way.

Robi SIM users will dial a specific number if they want to know all the offers that the company offers depending on your SIM usage. It will offer you different offers depending on your SIM usage. To know your own Robi SIM offer you can dial * 999 # or * 8444 #

Robi MB Offer 2021

Due to the good internet speed of Robi SIM, people from different parts of the country accept MB offer in Robi SIM. If you want to know the MB offer of your used Robi SIM then you can check the regular incoming SMS. If you check in SMS, you can see which offers are currently available in your Robi SIM.

Moreover, you can check the Robi MB offer by dialing * 999 #. However, by dialing the mentioned number, you can see the offer of different combo packs along with Robi MB offer. Robi SIM Company always offers 30 gb, 40 gb and 60 gp internet at an affordable price for 28 days. Moreover, if you want to buy a mini pack, you can also buy it. In this case, if you use Robi apps, you will get many special benefits.

Robi Minute Offer 2021

If Robi Seam users want to buy minutes, you will get minute packages of different durations. You can find out the Robi Minute offer through a separate post on our website. Moreover, don’t look at our table of contents to know how to buy Robi Mint on our website and if you dial any number, Robi Mint will come easily.

Robi SIM Company always offers minute offers for a period of several hours as well as minutes for a period of one month. So you can buy minutes at affordable price from Robi minute offer by taking the help of our previous post.

Robi SMS Offer 2021

If you want to buy SMS on your Robi SIM like other SIM companies, you can buy SMS at a very affordable price. You can buy SMS packs from Robi SIM for 30 days with a validity of five days SMS and use them on all operators. Hope you know all the offers related to Robi SIM and how to check Robi number. I wish you a happy journey with Robi SIM Company.

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