How to Check Mobile Number GP, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, Airtel?

Do you know how to check your self mobile number? That is very much important to know your own mobile number. Because you have to recharge your own number from agent mobile shop. You have to know your self mobile number to input balance. Maximum user in Bangladesh don’t know how to see their mobile number. This article is going to show you all operators mobile number collect system.

Maximum user in Bangladesh don’t know how to see their mobile number. This article is going to show you all operators mobile number collect system.

When we buy a new SIM card we don’t know the phone number that is why we cannot recharge our new number from a shop. On that moment everybody needs their self phone number. we are going to give you the new method for five operator in our country.

if you forgot your phone number don’t gori because there have a solution to check your own number. Please just give you all operators USSD code for separately. Every company system is different.

My Own Mobile Number Check Code 2022

Do you know your own mobile number check code for 2022 year? in this year grameenphone, banglalink, teletalk, robi and Airtel give a new method to collect their own mobile number. We will discuss every operator separately. And we think it will help you a lot to get your question solution from Google.

How to check grameenphone phone number?


You can check your grameenphone operator phone number from your own mobile. You have to connected your same on your mobile. Then you can try to check your phone number.

We all know that grameenphone is the broad networking system in Bangladesh. they have a lots of popularity in our country because of their good internet connection in the rural area of Bangladesh. They started the journey in Bangladesh from 2000.

Dear user if you have a grameenphone sim and it now activate on your phone you can follow our USSD code. To check your number dial *2# or *111*8# anytime in a day.

How to check Robi own number?

Do you know Robi mobile number checking system in Bangladesh? If you don’t know then read this part of the article because it is only for the Robi user. This system is new introduce in our country by the authority of Robi.

Rubi is maintained all kind of system for the user. And they also have a networking system which is very popular in Bangladesh. Nowadays in the urban and rural area people also liked Robi operator.

They have a lots of customer care in the urban area along with district people. All kind of activities of Robi is very easy to use an uneducated people also. The method to check the phone number of any user is very easy. Robi is also called Robi Alexa in Bangladesh.

To check your Robi user self number dial *140*2*4#. And this method has been given the authority for 2022 years new innovation.

If any user forgot their number but connected with my Robi app then very easily connect self number from the app. Because the phone number is also added on the mobile apps. An user can also get some variety service from my Robi app. They also can live chat with Robi customer care authority from this mobile application.

Banglalink Own mobile number checking system

Are you a banglalink operator user in Bangladesh? And you also don’t know the system to check your self mobile number? Then read this part it is only for the the viewers who use banglalink.

Normally Bangladesh had five different sim operator who gives the the service among the people of the country. They are under BTRC and continue their operating system among the people. Using Banglalink is very popular all generation.

This year banglalink authority gives a new method to check your own mobile number. To check your own banglalink number just dial *511#. And this method is new one for this year.

An user can also check phone number from the mobile banking online apps. Banglalink authority in this year launch banglalink official mobile application. Now it is available on the Google play store. Every user can collected from here and using it. if you want time adjust your phone number on this if you can collect your self number from here again.

Teletalk own mobile number checking system

If you are an owner of Taletalk number you have to know your self number. Because it is very much important when you go to recharge in the mobile shop. Maximum student are using teletalk operator. Because they get this sim free from the authority.

On the other hand those who finished the education and want to get a job they also are using this sim. because when they go to complete their job application payment they need teletalk SIM card. Find the admission test is coming in our country the student need teletalk number to complete their payment process.

To check teletalk mobile number just dial USSD code *511#. And this code is introduced in this year new.

How to check Airtel own phone number?

Airtel operator is a new in Bangladesh. They are starting their service recently. But nowadays they have a popularity among the young generation people in our country. Because they give some free offers in internet. Sometimes they also gave some recharge offer.

They are working among the young generation people in Bangladesh. And we know that young generation maximum people are using smartphone. They take that kind of advantage to continue their service.

One user can check their self phone number from online service. if they don’t know the process of online phone number collecting system then they can follow the offline process. Below paragraph is going to show you the offline mobile number collecting system.

To check your Airtel own phone number just dial USSD code *121*7*3#. On a day any time any moment you want. And this service is free for all user. Prepaid and postpaid both users also can follow this process.

Those who are install my Airtel apps on their smartphone. They can check this phone number from this digital apps. On this app user once adjust and verify the mobile number. if you forgot your phone number to recharge your own account then you can check it from this application.

Phone number checking new method in Bangladesh

A new method has been introduced to check own mobile number for 5 operator in Bangladesh. Abhi operator has separate system to collect phone number. And operator authority also gives your phone number with the SIM packet. When you buy a sim from the authority you besan packet with number. Here also included your pin number. And that is why please collect this packet for your future.

To collect your self phone number you also can go to customer care, if your operator’s customer care is available in your own area. You can go there and take that help from them. they will help you to collect your phone number.

in the below section we will give all operator mobile number checking easy process:

Robi (018) *140*2*4# or *2#

Airtel (016) *121*7*3#

Grameenphone (017/013) *2# or *111*8#

Banglalink (019 or 014) *511#

Teletalk (015) *511#


In above all discussion is all about our five operator in Bangladesh self mobile number collecting system. This is time is for an user who want to check the mobile number for himself. And this code is update every year by the authority. That is why we are giving you the new system.

on this article we are discussing grameenphone, Robi , Banglalink, Airtel and teletalk separately mobile number collecting system. If you need any extra information you can call all the customer care. Customer care phone number is 121 and it is for all operator. if you need any kind of others information you can comment our below comment box we will reply your question’s answer as soon as possible.

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