Bkash Account Related Information – Know Everything about Bkash

Bkash is one of the most popular mobile banking services in Bangladesh which is powered by Brac Bank Limited. Millions of Bangladeshi people use this Mobile Banking service. It is not limited to country level now. You can transfer money by using this platform worldwide.

In this article we are going to discuss about Bkash Mobile Banking Service. By reading this article you will learn how to create account on Bkash, Cash transfer limit, cash out limit, monthly transaction limit and some account level problems and it’s solution. So let’s get started.

What is Bkash

Bkash is a private company in Bangladesh which deals with money transfer and transaction. It is a brac bank limited concern. It first started its operation in 2011. Within a short time it becomes very popular in Bangladesh. Then it is the only mobile money transfer system in Bangladesh. So it manages to develop its business very rapidly.

You need to create account on Bkash by providing your photo and National ID card information. Account creation is free. You will get bonus when you registered on it.

It has some features like Add Money, Send Money, Cash Out, Payment, Pay Bill.

How to Create Bkash Account

Bkash account creation is very easy. During 2011-2018 customers need to go to nearest Bkash centre in order to registered on Bkash. But now a days it is very easy and you need not to go anywhere. You can simply create your Bkash account from your Android device by downloading Bkash app.

Bkash account creating system and Process:

You can create Bkash Account in three methods.

1. From Bkash Centre

2. Nearest Bkash Agent Shop

3. Using Bkash App

Details about all those three methods are given below.

From Bkash Centre:

If your house is situated near any Bkash Centre then it is very easy for you to go to that place and create your account. You need to take your national ID card and your photo with you. Don’t forget to take your mobile phone with you.

From Bkash Agent Shop:

There are thousands of Bkash Agent Shop in every upazila and local area. You can register your account from them. And you need to pay any money to Bkash Agent in order to get your account registered.

By Using Bkash App:

Bkash app is very smart Android application. By using this application anyone can restart their accounts by staying at their home.

What You Need to Create Bkash Account

You need only one document and that is your national identification card. but nowadays it is not always necessary. Because if you create your account by using bkash Android app then you need not provide national ID card. Finally you need to input your NID number.

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Bkash Transaction Limit

Bkash Service is approved by Bangladesh Bank. It is controlled and supervised by the central Bank of Bangladesh. You cannot use Bkash service at your own choice. It has some terms and conditions about transaction.

Cash in, Cash Out, Transfer, Send Money & Payment are done through maintaining the specific money transaction law. In order to control Money Laundry the central bank has imposed some limitation on Bkash Service. And every Bkash customer have to to abide by the law of Bangladesh Bank.

Now we are going to learn how much money you can cash in, send money to another account, cash out from agent and ATM, complete payment for any purchasing and the number of amount you can keep on your Bkash account.

Bkash Cash in Limit:

Many people thinks that they can cash in at their sweet will. But they are completely wrong. You can cash in a limited amount of money in your Bkash wallet. There is daily and monthly limit of cash in into your Bkash account. You can at best cash in taka 1,50,000 in a month.

Bkash Send Money Limit:

Sometimes we need to transfer balance to another Bkash account and that is known as send money in Bkash Option. There is a limit like cash in. And most probably you know that you need to pay charge in order to send money to another account. From Bkash Mobile menu, you can send taka 10,000 at a time. And you cannot send money more than 10 times a month.

Bkash Cash Out Limit:

Like cash in and send money, Cash Out has also limitation. There is Limited number of cash out opportunity for Bkash customer. You can cash out 10,000 taka at a time. And this is limited to 10 times a month.

How to Pay Palli Biddut Bill Using Bkash?

Nowadays you need not to go anywhere to complete Palli Biddut Bill payment. You can easily complete the payment by using Bkash. In order to do that you need to dial SSD code of Bkash. You can also do it by using Bkash Android App.

What you need to complete Palli Biddut payment:

  • Your Bill Copy of current month.
  • Palli Biddut Account number.
  • Bill amount.

Now we are going to describe the process step by step.

At first you have to dial *247#.

Then click on 5 “Pay Bill”

Then select 1 to define “Electricity”

Now type 1 to declare “Palli Bidyut”

There you find two options ‘Check Bill’ & ‘Pay Bill’. From that list you need to select “Pay Bill”

Now select 1 “Input Bill A/C number”

Then you need to input your Bill Account number. Then Bill Month & Year in MMYYYY format.

Finally input your bill amount. And Send send the message.

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