Bkash Cash Out Charge 2023 500 & 1000 tk Cash Out Priyo Agent

Bkash Cash Out Charge 2022 500 & 1000 tk Cash Out Priyo Agent

At present, many people do transactions through Bikash account and most of the shopkeepers deduct a charge of 20 taka per 1000 taka from you when you want to transact through Bikash account. However, the amount of BKash cash out charges will be discussed on our website today and through this post you can know the BKash cash out charges in 2023.

 In fact every mobile number has now become a banking sector and through every mobile banking we can avail various banking facilities. By opening a mobile banking account with a mobile number, we can easily deposit money here and receive interest after a certain period of time, as well as send money to someone or receive money from someone.

So today I will discuss how much money can be spent in sending this money or how much money can be spent in withdrawing money so that you can determine and calculate this cost and complete each task. Most of the students’ parents use Bikash to finance their children’s education from a distance or to send the children’s expenses to their families.

In terms of money transfer or transactions, there is no such distance system anywhere else, mobile banking has become popular nowadays and it is possible to do any type of transaction very easily. Even since it is possible to make different types of payments from here, we can buy and pay for any product very easily and many times we get different types of offers by making payments.

Various facilities including cashback offers have made our daily life very dynamic and if you have used any bkash then through today’s post know how much money is deducted for withdrawing money from bkash account per thousand in 2023.

Bkash 1,000 Cash Out Charge without Priyo Agent

In most cases, I would also like to know how much cash out cost is taken for this money of 1000 taka. So if someone does not have a favorite agent number or if you do not come to the favorite agent system, then I will tell you how much money will be spent in withdrawing money from the general account.

If you keep your specific number in the list of favorite numbers and if you transfer money or send money to this number then there will be no cost and very little cost will be deducted while withdrawing money. But for different needs you cannot set more than five numbers as favorite number and in this case you have to pay a certain amount of cash out when you transfer money to another number.

So according to the latest update of development if you want to withdraw 1000 taka from any number then you will be charged 18 taka 50 paise for every 1000 taka. That is, for every 100 taka, 1 taka will be cut to 85 paise. And in this way, the cash out charge will be deducted from you according to the amount you withdraw. So even if most of the shopkeepers charge you 20 taka, in this case it will cost 18 taka 50 paisa which you can easily pay at the time of cash out and through this the money will be deducted.

Bkash 500 Cash Out Charge

Many times it is seen that money is required on an urgent basis and in this case if you withdraw 500 rupees then you can know how much cash out charge will be made. I will tell here how much cash out charge can be for every 500 taka and from here if you can know the cash out cost of 500 taka then it will be very convenient for you in money transaction.

As 18 taka 50 paise is deducted from every 1000 taka, half of that amount will be deducted for 500 taka. If you cash out Rs 500 from Bkash account to agent number then Rs 9 25 paise will be deducted from you. So, if you keep enough balance in Bikash account, you can withdraw the money. Again, many times these cash outs through these apps will add points to your account.

Bkash Cash Out Charge without Priyo Agent

Dear agent numbers, if you want to know how much the cash out charge can be, then I will inform you here. First of all if you cash out from your known store then you can set it as favorite agent number there. And if you cash out on your favorite agent number, the cash out charge will be deducted from the number 14 taka 90 paisa.

And if it is not the favorite agent number, then a charge of 50 paisa will be determined for every thousand and eighteen taka. Hope you got all the answers through this post.

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