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Banglalink Unlimited Internet Package Price & Code 2022

From today, Bangladesh Telecommunication Company has launched various internet packages of four SIM companies in Bangladesh for an unlimited period. Even though this process is already going on, it depends on the needs of the people and the customers have demanded unlimited validity for those who have bought and used the internet package in times.

With that in mind and through various discussion meetings and thinking about the profits of the SIM company, the SIM company today enters different packages and fixes the fixed price for the unlimited period of different packages.

So if you are a banglalink sim user and have bought internet package in kalevadra with banglalink sim then you can find out the purchase price of banglalink unlimited internet package from our website and what code to use to buy it. By giving this news on 28th April, 2022, everyone will know that Unlimited Package has been launched and if you want to buy Unlimited Package, you can go to the bottom of our website and find out how much data package you can buy there.

Authorities of a total of four SIM companies in Bangladesh have launched this package and you can find out the prices of other post SIM Company Unlimited Data Packages on our website. Moreover, banglalink sim company always provides customer service at affordable price and if you go to buy a package in one month period, you will find that it costs between 350 to 450 rupees to buy that package.

But now with the availability of WiFi facilities everywhere, people are packaging the internet and when there is load shedding or when they are out of the house, people buy internet packages and use the internet in a limited way. So if you always have a surplus after purchasing an internet package, it will be deducted at the end of the term and you will suffer a lot for it. So to avoid this loss, a total of four SIM companies in Bangladesh have published the price of Unlimited Internet Package from April 28 and its purchase code.

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Since this internet package has been launched from today, it has not been mentioned which code to dial to buy it and other more packages are to be launched. However, to give an overall idea, it has been announced today that the price of 5 gb unlimited internet package will be 306 rupees.

Keep an eye on other posts on our website to find out more internet packages as per customer demand and how much it will cost to buy them and which code to dial. Above all, those who are with Banglalink SIM should use Banglalink SIM and find out the price and code from our website later in case of purchasing unlimited internet package.

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