Banglalink SMS Pack 30 Days Code 2023

Banglalink SMS Pack 30 Days Code

Banglalink SIM has several SMS packs. If you want to get Bengali SIM SMS pack then you need to get SMS pack through something special. All the sms packs available in Banglalink SIM have been made available to the public. If you want to buy all these SMS packs of Banglalink SIM then you must know the rules. You need to know the rules of buying all these offers. If you do not know the rules of buying or using all these offers. Then you cannot use all these offers properly. Many people want to use these offers.

But do not know anything about how to use all these offers. For them, if you read our today’s article carefully. Then you can get these banglalink SIM offers easily and know all the rules and regulations of usage easily. Today we bring you all the information together through our article. Many people wanted to know Banglalink SIM offers from us. And so today we have all the sms pack offers for Banglalink SIM for 30 days.

I am presenting all those SMS pack offers in front of you. If you want to get this offer then you can know everything you need to do through our today’s article. All you need to do is to get this offer through our article. Along with this, you need to know all the rules and regulations for using these offers. All rules and regulations are presented through our articles.

BL SMS pack for 30 days

To purchase sms pack for Banglalink SIM, collect information from the article. All the information that is being highlighted in our article. All that information has been collected from the official website of Banglalink SIM. It is known from the official website how to buy Banglalink SIM SMS pack for 30 days.

Now let’s know what to dial to purchase SMS pack for 30 days of Banglalink SIM:-

By dialing the code *121*30# you will get 500 sms for 30 days for banglalink sim for 30 taka.

Anyone can purchase this pack of 500 SMS for 30 days for Rs.30.

Below are some necessary and important information for availing this offer.
● To check this SMS bundle offer or to check SMS balance dial *121#100#
● All VAT will be deducted in this offer including basic VAT HD and sc of SMS Bandel.
● A customer can purchase only 500 SMS per day for daily use of this offer.
● Users of this offer can purchase a maximum of 2000 SMS per month i.e. this offer cannot be purchased more than four times per month.
● Unused SMS cannot be reused if this offer i.e. this bundle expires.

The above mentioned information is very important for every customer. Because those who do not know this information may buy the SMS bundle but cannot use it properly. Only those who know the usage rules can use all the offers properly. And so we have attached some essential and important information of the offer along with the bundle pack rules. Which every customer can use.

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