Banglalink SMS Pack Code 2023 with SMS Offer Activation System for 1tk, 2tk

Banglalink has started their telecom business in the country since 2005. Since 2005, they have been able to successfully extend their services across Bangladesh. They have always come up with all the age-appropriate offers to the customers.

As always they have minute packs, internet packs and SMS packs. Each time they arrange their offers in different dimensions based on the needs of the customers.

I am going to discuss Banglalink SMS offer & SMS pack to write this spread. Read this article to know more about Banglalink SMS offer & SMS pack. I will discuss in detail how to buy SMS here.

Banglalink 1000 SMS Pack 2023

We know that Banglalink is one of the leading telecommunication services in Bangladesh. The offers that Banglalink offers are the best of all.
SMS is a carrier of expression through which one can share unspoken words with another.

Many times what cannot be said face to face can be expressed through SMS. So many people put the use of this SMS in the first row.

Friends often choose to send SMS as the main wish in their chat. Moreover, there are instances of send SMS in different professional offices.

Smaller companies continue to deliver the words of their special offers to their customers via SMS Smaller organizations use SMS to get their members to attend meetings.

They are notified via SMS to attend various events. Banglalink has come up with an SMS bundle offer thinking about the different needs of so many customers.

500 SMS for 30 Tk.

This offer is for you if you are looking for a good SMS bundle for one month. This is one of the best offers of Banglalink for one month. You can use this SMS pack for different tasks throughout the month. To buy this pack please dial *1100*9*1#.

Amount of this pack is 30Tk. (inclusive of VAT, SD and SC)
This pack validity is 30 days
The Banglalink SMS pack code is *1100*9*1#
The number of SMS is 500

200 SMS for 15 Tk.

You can use this offer to know the special times of friends when the internet connection is off. Again this offer can be accepted in small range for sending various notices. By dialing USSD *1100*9*2# you can take this pack.

Amount of this pack is 15Tk. (inclusive of VAT, SD and SC)
This pack validity is 15 days
The USSD code is *1100*9*2#
The number of SMS is 200

70 SMS for 7 Tk.

It is a weekly smart pack for Banglalink user. You have to dial *1100*9*3# code for activate this pack.

Amount of this pack is 7Tk. (inclusive of VAT, SD and SC)
This pack validity is 7 days
The Banglalink SMS offer code is *1100*9*3#
The number of SMS is 70

30 SMS for 3 Tk.

You can take this pack for special needs use. This pack is for you if your demand is low. Many people use it to send SMS in their basic needs. You have to dial *1100*9*4# code to activate this pack.

Amount of this pack is 3Tk. (inclusive of VAT, SD and SC)
This pack validity is 3 days
The USSD code is *1100*9*4#
The number of SMS is 30

All the pack available for prepaid user. You also purchase that pack by dialing *1100# and follow the list what do you want. You can use that all Pack SMS for any local operator.

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