Banglalink Number Check Code 2023 Own Number Check

Banglalink Number Check Code 2022 Own Number Check

It is not very unusual not having memorized your own Banglalink phone number. No worries at all, as this article guides you to the procedure of getting a hold of your phone number. It is only a matter of few seconds to send a query asking the very own SIM number and an easy procedure to grasp. Just follow along the article and you can learn the procedure with great ease while you can memorize it for rest of the events.

Due to intricacies in the virtual world and expediencies of lateral SIM companies, most people often use multiple SIM cards in a single phone simultaneously. It is not the end of the story, while people using multiple cell phones for numerous reasons and to avoid unexpected pitfall. According to a study conducted by Lirne-Asia in 2019, more than 5 crore people in Bangladesh use two or more SIM cards at the same time; while the Bangladesh government has set up maximum limit of 15 SIM cards per person.

Banglalink Number Check with Code (USSD Query):

Follow along to acquire your own number with definite check codes and a legal query of your very own SIM number from the Banglalink central message or pop- up. This can be easily achieved by dialing an USSD code which is the most convenient way.

The shortest code via which you can access your phone number is *511#. Moreover, there is another convenient way if you are using a smartphone or tablet, which is by downloading the “My Banglalink APP” from Google Play Store.

The dialing of USSD code comes up with a pop-up message right away on your screen with your Banglalink Number. Just note or save the number and proceed to using your phone as you regularly do.

This part might help if you are a beginner level user. It dictates step-by-step procedure of sending the right query for your individual number.

  1. Open “Dial Pad” or “Phone” app.
  2. Press *511# on your dial pad.
  3. Hit the call button.
  4. Receive the phone number.
  5. Press “OK” and release.

If you are using a smartphone, open the Google Play Store. Search the play store with the keyword “My Banglalink App”. Download the app and install it. When ready to launch, just open the app which already shows your own number along the way.

Yet Having Problems? Just Follow along…

If you have any other complexity or problem with the procedure, you can head over to the official website of Banglalink. Which is

There might be some instances where you feel the need to talk with any customer care professional. So, I am providing you the verified and official customer care number of Banglalink. Do not hesitate to call the customer care at +8801750111111.

Final Words:

Nowadays we use cell phones for uncountable reasons and numerous digital services. Many GSM companies offer a cheap rate while others might offer you attractive internet packages. So, it is very natural to use multiple SIM cards or different phones all at the same time. Just make sure to authorize each of your SIM cards for safe usage.

Banglalink is one of the top network service providers of Bangladesh which is specially known for its cheap call rate and lucrative internet packages. The communication is pretty good and it has very fast internet connection all over the country. Banglalink has kept its position on top for the last three years in regard of internet speed at any given moment.

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