Banglalink Minute Offer Pack 2023 Code

If you are the Banglalink user so a good news for you here. Various minute offer for Bangladesh sim user.
If you wanted to know about this offer please read all of the article.

In this article I am going to describe all type of bundle of minutes.
Banglalink announce a lot of minute pack there is low budget pack and also high Budget pack.
In hair different type of mini pack I want to who described.

Banglalink Minute Offer Pack

If you want to buy minute offer on Banglalink SIM and if you want to know what kind of minute offer is currently running on your Banglalink SIM, then I will ask you to know it by following the rules below. Because at the same time SIM operators offer different packages according to the needs of customers, we are able to buy different packages according to our preferences and conveniences. So through today’s post, if I can tell you all the rules for buying banglalink minute offer package, then it will become an easy rule to buy your minutes and you can buy and use them accordingly.

Nowadays it is possible to keep in touch with many members of our relatives or family by purchasing different types of minute packages. However, in order to maintain contact with different customers in the work field, it is not possible to maintain contact with everyone through the Internet, so we have to constantly make various calls to inquire about them, or it is important to know this information in the business field. Since you are talking to a person on a regular basis, even if you have the opportunity to talk to them on the internet or through various social media starting from WhatsApp, you need to buy a minute package on your Banglalink SIM to chat with strangers.

So to get a very good package at a low price, we always suggest banglalink sim to you, as well as tell you the right rules to check the various offers provided on this sim. So through today’s post, when you want to buy different types of minute packages on Banglalink SIM, then you have to go to the dial option of the mobile phone. After dialing *123# when you select the banglalink sim, you will be given different options to display the various offers available on your phone by going to the next option. From there you dial down the serial number of the minutes offer and click on cents option.

Then the details of how many days, how many minutes and how much money you can buy will be shown there, so you dial the serial number given to buy the package of your choice and click on the send option. Then the company will help you buy this package subject to your phone balance and the package will be sent to your phone by deducting the balance.

In addition to buying minute packages by dialing like this, if you want to buy through apps, then you will find that in some cases there is an option to make this payment through mobile banking, which will be very convenient for you. I hope that through today’s post, you have understood how to buy minute packages at affordable prices by dialing or through apps.

9 taka for 15 minute pack

It is the lowest minute offer in Banglalink minute offer. Bangladesh provide this only 9 taka. Take this offer please dial *1100*6*4# and its validity will be 48 hours.
Validity: 2 days
Minutes: 15 minute
USSD Code: *1100*6*4#
Total Cost: 9 TK

12 taka for 20 minutes

It is also lowest Banglalink minute offer in Banglalink operator. You can buy this offer only 12 taka. Buy this offer please dial *1100*6*4# its validity is 48 hours.

Validity: 2 days
Minutes: 20 mins
USSD Code: *1100*6*4#
Total Cost: 12 TK

24 taka for 40 minutes

It is best for middleclass user. Banglalink provide this offer only for 24 taka. You can buy this offer to dialing *1100*6*1# and its validity is 72 hours.
Validity: 3 days
Minutes: 40 mins
USSD Code: *1100*6*1#
Total Cost: 24 TK

47 taka for 80 minutes

For 7 days it’s a best offer for Banglalink user. If you are like to quickly package you can buy this by dialing *1100*3# you can buy this offer.
Validity: 7 days
Minutes: 80 mins
USSD Code: *1100*3#
Total Cost: 47 TK

97 taka for 165 minutes

This is best offer who are following for 15 days. Only Banglalink sim operator provide this offer of 97 taka at 165 minutes. To activate this offer please dial*1100*1#. You can dial this code or research 97 taka.
Validity: 15 days
Minutes: 165 mins
USSD Code: *1100*1#
Total Cost: 97 TK

137 taka for 235 minutes

If your budget is within 150 so you can activate this offer. This is 30 days offer for all of Banglalink customer. To get this offer USSD code is *1100*7*4#.
Validity: 30 days
Minutes: 235 mins
USSD Code: *1100*7*4#
Total Cost: 137 TK

197 taka for 340 minutes

Banglalink will provide this offer for all prepaid customer of Banglalink user. Everyone know Banglalink always provide best offer for his customer. It is also 30 days best offer for Bangladesh user. To activate this offer please dial *1100*7*2#.
Validity: 30 days
Minutes: 340 mins
USSD Code: *1100*7*2#
Total Cost: 197 TK

297 taka for 515 minutes

This is the top class offer from Banglalink. It is for him who is talk more and more. 30 days and 297 taka is best combination for him. Its big budget minutes offer for the big user. You have to dial *1100*7*1# to activate the offer.
Validity: 30 days
Minutes: 515 mins
USSD Code: *1100*7*1#
Total Cost: 297 TK

Banglalink Minute Offer Code 2023

Here is banglalink minute package offer code in details so that you can be benefited.

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