Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2023 (Easy Method & Code)

Banglalink customers can transfer their balance from one Banglalink sim to another Banglalink Sim by maintaining a few steps. Are you looking for Banglalink balance transfer system in 2023 with easy method and code?

Then this article is going to provide you with appropriate information. All the required code and step by step discussion will be provided below. So let’s get started.

What is Banglalink Balance Transfer System?

Balance transfer is a system of giving money from your own balance to others. It is one type of Flexiload. With this system you can transfer a limited amount of money from your one Banglalink sim to another Banglalink sim card for completely free.

Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020

This is very old system. All the operators of Bangladesh have this system for making recharge easy.

Here is my personal experience about Banglalink balance transfer. A few days ago I went to one of my relatives house and stayed there at night. And I feel emergency to recharge my Banglalink sim card. Because that time I urgently need balance in my sim card.

That time all the shops are closed because it was night. I described the necessity of mobile balance to my relative. He make me surprised that he can do the recharge for me from his account balance. And he had completed all the the formalities and recharge my Banglalink balance.

Now I am going to describe the method of registering to Banglalink balance transfer system and how to do the balance transfer.

How to Register for Banglalink Balance Transfer

Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020

Banglalink balance transfer registration process is very easy. You need to follow step-by-step guide lines in order to get registered for banglalink balance transfer system. We will show you the exact way of doing this.

At first dial *1000#.

Then press 1 to get registered.

A pin will be sent on your mobile message inbox.

Reserve the pin for future use.

You can change the Pin too.

Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020

How to Change Balance Transfer Pin

Pin changing System required your old pin. So you must know the old pin in order to change it. In order to change the pin you need to follow our guideline.

At first you have to dial *1000#.

Then select change pin.

Now enter your old pin.

Then you have to set new pin. You may be asked to re-enter the new peon in order to confirm that you are performing the task.

Please keep note the new pin because you must need it in order to complete balance transfer request for Banglalink.

Now we are going to discuss how to transfer banglalink balance from one sim to another in easiest way.

How to Banglalink Balance Transfer

Nothing is easier than banglalink balance transfer. Because you can easily complete the the task within a few seconds.

Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020

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