Banglalink Balance Check Code 2023 Prepaid & Postpaid

Banglalink Balance Check Code 2022 Prepaid & Postpaid

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. Is the third largest telecommunication organization in Bangladesh. It also ranks third within cellular network provider. The company is fully owned by Telecom Ventures Ltd. Which was previously known as Osascom Telecom Ventures Ltd. and originated from Malta.

The following list contains your Banglalink balance check codes along with other remaining USSD codes or queries. You can simply remind the codes for later usage and activate any offer pretty quick without any worries at all.

Banglalink Balance Check Code- *124#

Own Number Check Code- *511#

Internet Balance Check Code- *5000*500# or *124*3#

Minute Pack Balance Check Code- *121*100#

SMS Bundle Balance Check Code- *121*100#

Banglallink other available USSD Check Code:

Balance check Code- *124#

Internet Balance Check Code- *124*5# or *222*3#

Mobile Number Check Code- *511#

Minute Balance Check Code- *124*2#

SMS Balance Check Code- *124*3#

Packages Check Code- *125#

Customers Care Number Check Code- 121 (Call)

Banglalink was first launched in February 2005. Banglalink became the catalyst with its exclusive offers to deflect the cell phone users from the mainstream in a positive way. When the customers’ benefit in priority, Banglalink always delivers the best. The clear motto of Banglalink Telecom was to provide access to the cell phone within mass people.

Banglalink Postpaid Balance Check 2023

With the issue of being digitalized, Banglalink kept their upgrade and features on top of the shelf. They engage customers in an interactive way and communicate and operate. The customers are open to enable their digital features according to their suit of demands.

From the beginning, Banglalink gathered amass of 33.69 million people under one roof of digital solution within a decade. The growth of Banglalink has been fueled due to attractive packages, innovative offers and strong marketing through different segments.

Banglalink share a common view to services among their fellow employees and stood up with zero tolerance for any kind of non-compliance or violation activities. The headquarter of Banglalink became the first Green Office certified by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN) in Bangladesh.

Banglalink Ltd. is fully private owned venture and owns 100% of its stakes. Among the owners, VEON owns 51.9% share of Global Telecom Holding and rest of the stack is governed by Wind Telecom S.P.A from April 2011. Veon is a global telecommunication sector originated from Amsterdam to lead the potential internet users to follow along and gain more than 235 million customers in thirteen markets.

They operate in Algerial, Russia, Italy, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Georgia, Armenia and Laos. They are known by the brand names “Beeline”, “Kyivstar”, “WIND”, “Jazz”, “Banglalink” and “Djezzy” in different countries.

Banglalink offers two SIM types in Bangladesh recently. The first one is known as “Desh” with the motto of “Ek Desh Ek Rate” which means “One Country One Rate” and the other is “Desh Rang” with the slogan of “Rangiye Din Apnar Jibon” meas “Color Your Life”. The Desh SIM package offers the most convenient call rate within whole Bangladesh and very popular for frequent call destinations.

Desh got launched in 2006 and a popular destination for SIM users. Desh Rang SIM is dedicated to users with limited contacts. The concentration is to reduce call rate heavily within the customers’ limited circle. Banglalink also had few other SIM packages earlier. One of them is Regular Prepaid and the other two are Ladies, First! And Be Linked.

Be Linked SIM packages has been automatically migrated to Desh and the other two does not exist now. Banglalink also has postpaid packages. There are three types in it. Those three are Personal Package, Personal Supplementary, Personal Call and Control.

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