Banglalink 5GB Internet 45Tk Offer 2023 (5GB @ 45Taka)

Banglalink has exciting deal right now. It is is giving away 5 GB internet at Taka only 45 for 30 days validity for all Banglalink customer. Anyone can purchase this internet package by dialing a code. This offer has some rules and regulation.

Are you looking for information about Banglalink 5 GB internet at 45 Taka offer? Then this article is for you. Because in this article we will show you how to purchase this internet package. What is the code for this internet package and some related information regarding this internet package will be described.

Who is Eligible for This Offer

All Banglalink customers are not eligible for this internet bundle offer. because it is impossible for any Telecom operator to provide 5gb internet at Taka only 5 for 30 days.

Then who are the lucky? And who will get this internet package? That are very important questions regarding this internet package offer. Here we are going to answer those questions.

This internet package is under the “Amar Offer” section of internet package menu. We can assume that this offer is not for all. You have to check your Amar offer section for this internet offer.

Those subscribers who are inactive for some months are eligible for this internet offer. So it is banglalink bondho sim offer. And only banglalink bondho sim customers can buy this internet package.

Therefore there are some lucky subscribers who are using banglalink SIM for long time can avail this internet pack. They are eligible because they don’t use internet before on using this sim card. So this offer will attract them to start browsing internet.

Banglalink is very talented company. It knows well how to attract customers with new and exciting offers. You can also check your eligibility for this offer.

Do you know how to check eligibility for this internet offer? If you don’t know then just follow the step by step process we described below.

You need to insert your inactive SIM card in order to check eligibility of this package. After inserting your sim card you need to dial *5000#.

When you dial this number you will notice that on number 11 row, there is a section called Amar offer.

Click on that menu and reply with 11.

And if you find that there is a offer named 5gb at 45 taka, then that means you are eligible for this internet package.

How to Buy 5GB at 45 Taka for 30 Days

The process for buying this internet package is very easy. Because you can do it by sitting on your room. You can purchase this internet package by staying at your home and staying at safe.

During coronavirus outbreak, all Telecom operators are giving opportunity for recharging and buying packages sitting at home. This is such an internet offer. Yes you can purchase it by yourself.

For that reason you need to dial a particular code. We talk later about the code for busying amar offer of 5 GB at 45 taka for 30 days.

You must have Taka 45 on your account balance in order to purchase this internet by 2020. This amount of money will be deducted from your amount when you click on confirm button.

You can also buy this internet package by visiting official application of Banglalink. But that is a tough task. we are going to show you step by step process on following who is you can easily by the internet offer right now.

At first aid you need to dial the code of this internet package *5000#.

After Dialing this code, a menu will appear.

From the menu list you have to look for amar offer.

On Amar offer section you will find it 5 GB at 45 Taka 30 days validity.

If you have sufficient balance on your account balance then you can purchase this bundle by clicking on submit button.

Then within a few seconds the internet bundle will be automatically activated.

That is the process for purchasing this internet package. Now we are going to talk about 45 Taka 30 days validity 5 GB internet offer code.

Banglalink 5GB at 45tk Offer Code

There is no specific code for taking this internet package. Then you may ask how do you can we purchase this internet package? Don’t worry. Because there is options for doing that.

When there is a will there is a way. As you have desired to purchase this internet package will show you the way. And the way is very simple.

You have to follow some steps to reach the destination. At first you have to try by dialling*5000#.

After darling that a new menu will appear on your mobile screen.

From that list there is option for knowing Amar offer in the below part of that options.

You have to reply with 11.

Then you will be asked to confirm or deny.

If you press 1 and send it then your internet message will be activated.

But you have to keep in mind that you must have Taka 45 on your account balance.

No service is without terms and conditions. This internet package have also some rules. And you must abide by all of them.

Now we are going to talk about terms and conditions of this internet package.

Terms and Conditions

1. You have to abide by all the terms and conditions of using by the law of Bangladesh telecommunication act.

2. No auto renewal will be applicable for this internet package.

3. After consuming the data pack, fair uses policy applies.

4. Banglalink hold the authority to stop this package any time.

5. This offer will continue until further notice.

Banglalink 5GB 45TK Kivabe Nibo

If you wish to purchase banglalink internet package of 5 GB at 45 taka then you are on the right place. Here we are going to talk about Kivabe Banglalink sim e 5GB Internet kinbo 45 taka. We have already talked about this process. We suggest you to read this article carefully. Then you will learn how to take this internet bundle.

In conclusion we can say that this offer is very attractive for all banglalink customer. If you are the amount then you must buy this internet package during this crisis. We hope that our article helps you. Please leave a comment below about our services. Thank you very much for reading this article with patience.

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