5 Taka 500 SMS Banglalink 30 Days Code 2023

Banglalink 5 Taka 500 SMS 30 Days Offer Code

When it comes to customers’ welfare, Banglalink comes first. Banglalink always delivers their best to provide customers the best service within an affordable amount. Lower rate of services hold the users in a long run and Banglalink users are prone to using their service for a long time. In contrast, Banglalink has the fastest network in Bangladesh in terms of internet speed for previous three years and it seems like they would hold on to the reputation in upcoming time.

This article, it allows you to know the code of 500 SMS pack for 30 days within just 5 taka. It is one of the most convincing SMS packages in whole Bangladesh and definitely a huge favor provided by Banglalink. There are many other offer and package related info presented in this article for your exploration or benefits.

Banglalink 5 Tk (Taka) 500 SMS Pack for 30 days code:

To activate this offer, dial the code *1100*5*5*3#.

This SMS pack offer 500 SMS with a validity of 30 days.

To check balance of this offer exclusively run the code- *124*17#

If you want to deactivate this offer and stop auto renewal, the code is- *222*9#

You do have to pay additional 15% VAT, SD and SC to avail the offer. Make sure to keep few extra amount in you SIM wallet (usually known as SIM balance)

Along with this, Banglalink has numerous other packages regarding SMS. All of them are very sufficient to fill all the customers’ need and also able to support corporate packages evenly.

Banglalink 7 Tk (Taka) 700 SMS Pack for 7 days Code:

To avail this offer, dial the code *1100*5*5*1#

This SMS pack offer 700 SMS with a validity of 7 days (168 hours).

Value Added Tax (VAT) of Bangladesh Government is 15% which is included under 7 taka. It also includes SD and SC. You do not have to pay any more than 7 taka.

Balance check of this SMS offer, just dial the code- *124*17#

If you want to deactivate this offer and stop auto renewal, the code is- *222*9#

VEON group is an international telecommunication and technology business network. VEON is the settler of the brand Banglalink (BL). They posses 235 million customers all around the globe. VEON group alone has the capability to serve 10% people of the world. Arguably one of the top telecom brands in the world. Their service is diverse in range and quality.

Being a multinational company, they always focus a mutual growth and trust. They tend to spend more for innovation and has an approach to elevate the quality in all sectors. Their success in upgradation has accelerated the living quality of their users and they simply put it as enjoying a richer life. As per their words, they are fueled by the ethics of serving their customers on a constant basis.

Along with VEON there is another company named Euronext Amsterdam, which is also another globally recognized telecom industry. Together they hold all shares of Banglalink. Many of the users do not know that, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. was previously known as Orascom

Telecom Bangladesh Ltd. Banglalink was the first company to provide free incoming calls from BTTB. This free incoming call processing was applicable in both prepaid and postpaid networks. While they gained 1 million customer in 2005, it did not take long to reach 10 million within the time span of three years only. Right now Banglalink Digital Telecommunications Ltd. has 36.90 million customers under their service. They provide a nationwide service and very popular among young generations.

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