Banglalink 1000 SMS Pack 30 Days Offer Code 2023

Banglalink 1000 SMS Pack 30 Days Offer Code

Sending a thousand SMS at a really cheap rate which Banglalink offered is really a viable option for corporate cause. Many people also send SMS in a bulk amount. This package allows the users to get a ton of SMS under a single bundle. Though nothing lasts forever and so is this package of Banglalink which used to offer 1000 SMS within 30 days period. This should not hamper the SMS sending procedures as Banglalink has came up with other SMS packages at a very cheap and convenient rate.

Now you have to buy two packages with 500 SMS each and hope that solves the problem. Simultaneously there are other SMS packages and combo offers available to Banglalink customers for fulfilling their needs. This article guides you through the pathway to activate your preferred packages while 1000 SMS pack 30 days is not available recently.

Banglalink 500 SMS for 30 Days Code:

Activate this offer by dialing the code *121*30#.

This SMS package contains 500 SMS with a long validity of 30 days

You have to spend 30 taka to avail this offer on your device.

To check balance of this offer exclusively run the code- *121*100#

If you want to deactivate this offer and stop auto renewal, the code is- *222*9#

These SMS can be sent throughout 24 hours. It is a limitation setup by Banglalink to prepaid users that, they can not send more than 2000 SMS per month. Also anyone can buy the package from “My BL” app available at Google Play Store or App Store. If someone makes another purchase before finishing the time limit or validity, they would enjoy the bounty to use previously unused SMS during the next session.

The price of the package include VAT, SC and SC within the said amount. It should also be kept in mind that, this offer is limited to a certain period. So enjoy the offer while it is still there in the market. You can buy this bundle as many times as you want keeping the maximum limit of prepaid SIM in concern. The last thing to remind you is, when the validity is expired, you are no longer eligible to use rest of the SMS and you have to carry on with regular SMS rate.

Banglalink 200 SMS for 15 days Package Code:

To activate this offer, dial the code *121*15#

This SMS package is open for purchase to any prepaid, call and control subscribers.

To check the remaining SMS balance, dial the code *121*100#

If you want to deactivate this offer and stop auto renewal, the code is- *222*9#

This bundle avails to send short messages through networks and very prompt delivery is guaranteed. Though you can not send any short codes through this offer. Short codes are counted separately while the USSD codes are mostly free of cost. The said amount includes government vetted VAT (Value Added Tax) of 15% plus SD and SC charges. Prepaid customers also have another restriction of sending not more than 500 SMS per day while the monthly SMS restriction is 2000 SMS.

Banglalink also offers many combo packages which include talk time, SMS, internet and other value added services. Incase of using any package, the user should have keen eye on the validity because it null and voids all the benefits when it gets over. If you want to suggest anything to the corporation, emailing option always keeps you in bound of getting in touch.

You can either email them by the address [email protected] . Also if you have any content related query or suggestion, please let us know by a short message. We highly appreciate all of your concerns and would try our best to reply with a accurate follow through.

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