Bangladesh Voter ID Card Search

Bangladesh Voter ID Card Search

Bangladesh is a country where a huge number of people reside. In terms of population this may be the 3rd most densely populated country in the world. So, it is necessary for the government to have a list or some kind of identification technique to identify its citizens. It is really not possible for a country to find out a specific person by their names.

As any name can be given to a large number of persons. So, how can the government or any other organization separate one from the other and approach the specific person? To solve this question the idea of Voter ID Cards or NID cards have been introduced in the past. These cards help the government and other national institutions or organizations to identify a person.

Bangladeshi Voter ID Card Number Check by Mobile Number

Firstly, we have to know what a Voter ID Card or NID is. In Bangladesh, the voter id card and the NID are the same thing. Some people call it a Voter ID Card and some call it a NID Card. This card contains some of the essential data about the card holder like name of the person, his/her age, address, the person’s father’s name, mother’s name and many other things.

Along with these things another thing is printed on the body of the card and that thing is a unique number. The number you see on any Voter ID Card is different from the other cards. One unique number is assigned to only a single person. In this way it is very much easy to find a specific person very quickly and easily.

It is now clear to us that in Bangladesh, the Voter Id Card and the National ID Card Or the NID are the same thing. But a question may arise that why we need a Voter ID Card. The answer is, it is very much essential in our daily lives and we cannot do certain things without this card.

If you want to buy a property you need a copy of your Voter ID Card, to buy a car, to buy a bike, to buy a sim card you need your Voter ID Card. If you want a trade license or the license of export or import you surely need your Voter ID Card. It is impossible to live in the 21st century without a Voter Id Card in Bangladesh. To cast your vote, you will also need this card.

If we look back at our past, it is very much likely for us to see that the history of the Voter ID Card was always not like this. In the past the value of a Voter ID Card was very little as it was not very much necessary for a huge number of purposes. But the time has changed and we need our Voter ID Card on a daily basis. These days the Voter ID Card has become a part and parcel of our daily life and a part of ourselves.

In the past the Voter ID Card was just a piece of paper which had some information about the card-holder printed on it. But these days, in Bangladesh we see and use Smart Voter ID Cards. These cards are similar to a bank card and it has a memory chip embedded in it. In this memory chip all the essential data of the user is preserved and this new Smart Voter ID Card is much safer than the other ones.

To apply for the National ID Card or the Voter ID Card one has to go to a browser and search for ‘NID registration Bangladesh’ and then you will get the website of National Election Commission of Bangladesh and from this website you can apply for a new Voter ID Card if your age is 17 or more. Those days are long gone when you have to stay in a line for a long time just to get the form to apply for your NID card. In this website you can also check the status of your NID whenever you want to.

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