Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing Registration Link 2023

Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing Registration Link

Bangladesh Railway has confirmed the system of ticket sales this year. Every person has to register e-ticket or electrical ticket to buy tickets there. Which we can buy through internet. Every customer must complete registration with his/her National Identity Card or National ID Card for purchase of that ticket. Today we have appeared before you with the article. Through that article I will show you how to complete Etiquette registration online. How you can complete electrical ticket registration online with your national identity card.

Many people asked us about this. There are also many people who have asked us about electrical registration and have sent SMS to us. Today we have organized our article to answer your desired questions. If you read our today’s article carefully then all your questions will be answered correctly. Bangladesh Railway has launched a new rail service app. As all the ticket buying and selling activities are being done through the app. With this Rail Seva app, you can buy train tickets at home anytime.

In this case, you can know everything you need to do through our today’s article. Many people want to know this information. I suggest you read our today’s article carefully. Then you can easily know all the information first. There are many other facts that you may not know. To know them, we have to read the article carefully and regularly. We present all these information to you through our article.

Bangladesh railway online e-ticket in registration

Dear Friends, You may have already known that to complete Etiquette registration through online, you have to perform some special activities. We are going to present all those activities to you in stages. If you have read our today’s mind essay as carefully as possible. Then you can know all these information easily. We are going to present all these information in front of you in few steps. Please read our below mentioned steps carefully. Then you can easily know all the information first.

The facts are:

First visit link.
And click on “Registration” or “Create a new account” icon below.
You must provide your personal information on the website. For example: Username, DOB, NID or Year of Birth, Number, Address as well as contact number along with an email ID should be provided.
Make sure that all the mentioned information is correct. Click on “Submit” icon when confirmed.
After some time a verify code will be sent again to the designated mobile number.
Enter the verification code in the link box, enter the security code on the e-ticket website and click on the registration icon.

In this way it is possible to complete e-ticketing registration online. Many did not know these through online. To them, if you want to get information regarding rules, you can contact us directly. We have always thought about your requirements and present any information related to such rules online in front of you through our articles. You can contact us directly if you want to get any information. We are able to present you with much more information.

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