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The matches of several groups of teams have already been done in the World Cup. The World Cup is already in full swing. There is a lot of excitement in every match. Argentina have already played their first match against Saudi Arabia. They lost 2-1 with Saudi Arabia. No one thought that the team that came as the most favorite of the World Cup would lose to a team like Audi Arab in the ranking. Today’s topic of our discussion is about Argentina team. How far the Argentina team can go from this situation will be discussed. If you are a fan of Argentina team or if you have any interest in Argentina team then read this post with full attention.

Argentina was unbeaten for 36 matches. After being unbeaten in 36 matches, they lost in the first match of the World Cup against Saudi Arabia, a team far behind in the ranking. Argentina fans thought Messi would start the World Cup with a big margin against Saudi Arabia. But Argentina haters may not have thought that Saudi Arabia would take such a big test for them.

Saudi Arabia played very well. Despite attacking repeatedly in the first half, Argentina could not score any goals only because of the tight defense of Saudi Arabia. Breaking through Saudi Arabia’s headline defense made it impossible for Argentina to score. Argentina’s forwards were falling into the offside trap again and again. Albiceleste did not get a goal even after putting four balls in the net. After 10 minutes, Argentina got a penalty which Messi used correctly. The 36-match unbeaten team could not create any other good scoring chances in the entire match except for that penalty goal.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni completely surrendered to Saudi Arabia coach’s plan. In addition to this, there was the intense heat of the desert. On the 22nd, Argentina entered the field at around one in the afternoon local time. Argentina players were seen struggling in the heat as the game was played at this time.

Argentina team came this time with the intention of winning the World Cup. After the team that won the World Cup lost in the first match, many people are wondering if Argentina will be able to go to the second round in the end. It’s not unusual to feel that way after losing to a team so far behind in the rankings. There are plenty of reasons to think about this Argentinian team. Argentina’s most reliable midfielder was Lo Celso. The Argentinian coach had to face a big problem as Lo Celso could not play due to injury.

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The other two teams in Argentina’s group are Mexico and Poland. To advance to the second round, Mexico and Poland must be defeated. Mexico and Poland are much stronger teams than Saudi Arabia. It will be very difficult for Argentina to beat Mexico and Poland.

Argentina has the record of reaching the final despite losing the first match. In the 1990 World Cup, they lost the first match but eventually reached the final. So Argentina fans have no reason to worry. Argentina will make a strong comeback and advance to the second round of the World Cup. If they can return to their best form, it will not be difficult for them to win the World Cup.

This is Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. Lionel Messi will definitely want to return after winning this World Cup. Although the loss against Saudi Arabia is difficult for them, they will want to survive by proving their ability in the tournament. We believe that Argentina will win the next two matches very well and have a chance to play in the second round. Before giving any status about Argentina team visit our post and collect necessary information.

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