Amar Bangla Font Free Download for PC Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

In our country there are just a few fonts those are used for typing Bangla. Most of them are used for normal Unicode writing. It is quietly popular in our country to write with Unicode.

Amar Bangla font is one of the most popular Unicode fonts for Bangla Writing. Now we are going to tell you about Amar Bangla Unicode font in this article. You will get brief information about how to download, install and use Amar Bangla font in your computer in this article.

Amar Bangla Unicode Font

Amar Bangla Unicode Font is at present one of the most popular and mostly used fonts in our country for Bangla.

There are only a few fonts that are being used for Bangla typing. And most of them are normal Unicode fonts. We can see that there are a lot of English fonts all over the world. But there is shortage of Bangla Fonts.

Al Mamun Sumon is the inventor of this font. With this font we can write Bangla with new designing and new shaping.

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How to download Amar Bangla Unicode Font

One can easily download Amar Bangla Unicode font if he has a proper net connection and a computer. First, you have to open a browser and get into a former website where you can find it.

If you don’t know any website then go to Google and write down ‘Amar Bangla font’ in the search bar. In a few moments you will be showed some websites.

Now, get into the website and download. For your good we also keep a download link in our website.

You can download ‘Amar Bangla Font’ from our website. Right below the article you will get the download link.

How to Install Amar Bangla Font in your computer

Next, you have to install it in your computer. First, find out the download file. Then open the file and you get another ttf file.

Open the file double clicking on it. On the top of the file you can a button called ‘install’. Click on it and wait a while. Your download will be completed.

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How to use Amar Bangla Font

It is the same process you use to open other Unicode font. First open an office file, then take a look in the font bar that the Amar Bangla font is installed or not.

You will get the font name there. So, first change your typing to Unicode. If you don’t know how to change it Unicode than click (ctrl+alt+v) and it will be done.

Thanks for reading our article and hope that it was helpful for you.

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