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Have you forgotten your Airtel SIM number? Please do not get bothered as we are here showing you step by step procedure to obtain your original number with country code. If you see (+88 or +880 or 880) at the beginning of your phone number or query result, do not get upset; its just the country code of Bangladesh. The later part is your phone or cell number and digits before 0 are the country code itself.

Due to modernization and convenience of different network providers, it is very common nowadays to use multiple seems at the same time or simultaneously within a single cell phone. This phenomenon is often carried on by younger generation. Every now and then it leads to a simple problem of forgetting own number or missing some digits of cellular number.

It might be a challenge while having a recharge or top-up if you have not saved your own number previously on your phone or record diary. However, it also can create a problem while sharing phone number with others but it has a common solution like calling back the other person’s phone number with whom you want to share your phone number. Oftentimes phone number is referred as caller ID as well. So, if you are at the verge of filling up any form with your phone number and see “Caller ID” field, just simply put your phone number or cell number there.

Airtel Number Check with Code

Follow along to get the definite check codes for a proper query of your Airtel Number. This can easily done by dialing an USSD code which is the most convenient way. The shortest code via which you can access your phone number is *2#. Moreover, there is another USSD code for checking own number which is *121*7*3#

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It does come up with a pop-up message on your screen with your Airtel Number. Just note the number and proceed to using your phone as usual.

This part might help if you are a beginner level user. It dictates step-by-step procedure of sending the right query for your individual number.

  1. Open “Dial Pad” or “Phone”
  2. Press *2# on your dial pad
  3. Hit the call button
  4. Receive the phone number
  5. Release the pop-up message and proceed

Still Having Problems? Follow along…

If you hit any weird bump across the way, you might need the help from the call center. So, Airtel is always ready for solving your problem with their call center (24/ 7). The Airtel central call center number is 121 followed by your query allocation. If you are low on budget and still want to receive the free service from Airtel, you can reach via their Whatsapp number: +8801647771212 which is available between 8 a.m. in the morning to 12 a.m. midnight.

Airtel have pretty good email support from the central services and you can place your question with detailed description. They are legitimate with their email services and reply with full appropriation. The email ID is:

If you are facing some emergency problem and need to talk to any of the customer care executives on real-time, you can promptly dial their helpline: +8801678600786.

USSD codes:

The number gathering procedure is completed with the help of USSD codes which is the short of “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” and is a global system for all cell phone communication services. USSD codes are mainly followed by communications set up by GSM protocol. These USSD codes are also known as “Feature Codes” or “Quick Codes”. Each code resemble an unique problem or query and shows up specific answers.

If you have any other question, please drop a message or contact the authority. We would be happy to answer.

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