Airtel New Sim Offer 2023

Airtel New Sim Offer

Dear Customer, If you want to buy a new Airtel SIM then you will get several new offers. Today we have all the offers that are running against Airtel’s new SIM. I am going to discuss all those offers in front of you. As you know, there are several private SIM selling companies in our country like: Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi. All these SIM companies are constantly sending new SIMs to the market. And in Gramganj they are managing their daily life by purchasing SIMs.

If a phone doesn’t come with a SIM, that phone is currently considered dead. Because you cannot make any calls from that phone. Can’t communicate with anyone and can’t communicate with anyone over the internet. If you have no SIM in that phone. And so to keep a phone active it is very important to have a SIM in that phone. And if you don’t get any offer by buying a new SIM then how much profit can you get by buying that SIM. Today you will know what offers you can get by buying a new SIM.

Airtel SIM Company has been running several offers in the market for new SIM sales. Many people have asked us to know all the offers. Today we are presenting all those offers in front of you. If you have read our today’s article carefully from beginning to end. Then all the offers from the Airtel SIM company are currently released in the market. You can find out all those offers easily.

Airtel new sim offer 2023


All the information you will find at the bottom of our today’s article has been reattached. Because these are collected from the official website of Airtel SIM Company.

Now let’s know what offers you can get. When purchasing a new SIM from Airtel SIM Company:-

To buy a sim you need to spend 250 taka and you will get 5 taka balance on your phone. Which can be used up to 90 days. Also, you can use the SIM at 1 taka 49 paisa per minute with 10 second pulse.

If you have recharged Rs.41 within 30 days of purchasing the SIM. Then your main account will have 24 rupees. Also 20 minutes will be added with 10 days validity. 3 GB internet with 7 days validity will be provided to you as internet balance. Also you can get 10 second pulse per minute for 1 taka 49 paise.

If you have recharged 82 taka within 30 days then you will get 5 taka in main account of your mobile phone. Also you can get 100 minutes with 15 days validity. You will get 6 GB internet as internet balance. You can use the SIM for a period of 15 days at a call rate of 1 taka 49 paise per minute with 10 seconds five.

All the offers you see above. All these offers have been newly presented by Airtel SIM Company through their office website. If you are a new customer then you can use all these offers anytime. If you want to buy a new SIM. Then of course you can get new offers using all these means.

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