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Airtel to Airtel MB Transfer BD 2023 System & Code

Airtel Internet package or MB can be transferred to another Airtel Sim without paying any charge. Do you know how to do that? If you don’t know then read this article.

Because in this article we will share how to transfer internet package from one Airtel sim to another. Airtel to Airtel MB transfer new system will be discussed here.

Airtel MB Transfer System

Majority of time it is found that you have some unused MB in our account balance. We cannot consume all the data we bought. We feel the necessity of transferring the megabytes to another sim card. And the process is made easy by Airtel.

Airtel MB Transfer System

You can perform the task in two methods. By dialing particular code and using my Airtel app. We will share our experience of using Airtel MB transfer system.

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How to Share Airtel MB

You can easily share your Airtel MB to another Airtel SIM by following some steps. Airtel has declared that any customers can share their internet volume to another sim without paying any charge.

Currently there are 10 and 25 MB transfer system. Here we share in details about how to perform the task.

Airtel MB Transfer Code

In order to Transfer 10 and 25 MB you have to dial the codes from below.

How to Share 10 MB:

You have dial *141*172*11# in order to share 10 MB internet to Airtel number.

For example: *141*172*11*9580871712#

How to Share 25 MB:

Dial the code *141*172*9*9580871712#

How to Transfer Airtel MB by Message System

You can also transfer your megabyte by sending messages to Airtel. Details about SMS method for transfer Airtel to Airtel MB is given below.

At first unit to send a message by typing “SHARE ” to 121.

Within a few seconds a reply will arrive on your message inbox.

You can share your internet MB to up to 4 people by adding their number in in the SMS format from below.

ADD<Space><10 digit mobile number>to 121

Frequently Asked Questions

Now I am going to answer some frequently asked questions. Look for your questions’ answer from the list below.

Airtel to Airtel MB transfer BD 2023

In Bangladesh Airtel has some new facilities. You can transfer Airtel to Airtel MB in 2023. We have discussed the easy method of sharing Airtel to Airtel MB in 2023 BD.

MB Transfer Airtel to GP

It will be very beneficial if customers can share their unused internet to another GP sim. It is currently not available in Bangladesh. You can only transfer internet MB to Airtel to Airtel. And GP to GP MB sharing is available.

Airtel to Robi MB Transfer

Many people have a misconception that Airtel and Robi are same. So anything is shareable between these two operator. But unfortunately you cannot transfer Airtel to Robi MB.

Airtel Data Transfer Trick

You have discussed Airtel data transfer trick. Please read the article from top to bottom in order to learn the trick.

How to Transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel through Airtel App

By using Airtel app you can easily transfer data from Airtel to Airtel. In order to do that you need to install the app on your Android device. After installation completed you need to open it.

Then click on data transfer menu and follow on screen instruction.

Final Words

We have discussed in details about Airtel MB transfer system. We think our article helps you finding important information regarding the system. If you have any question then ask in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading our content. Please share it with your Facebook friends.

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