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Many people have sent SMS to us asking to know Airtel SIM internet offer i.e. MB offer. And so today we are going to present you the information related to Airtel SIM internet offer. If you have read our today’s article carefully. Then there are all the Internet offers of Airtel SIM. To know all those internet offers you have to read our today’s article. Today we are connected to all internet offers in 2023.

I am going to discuss all those internet offers in front of you. There are also many who have contacted us in the past. To know the information related to Airtel SIM internet offer. And so we have today all internet offers of Airtel Cement currently available. I am discussing all those internet offers in front of you. Airtel SIM has several offers which are newly launched in 2023. Many have not received all these offers yet. For all of them, you can see all the offers in our today’s article. You can use all those offers. And we are attaching all the information about how to take the offer and how much money will be applicable in our today’s article.

Airtel internet offers 2023

In this part of our today’s article we are listing all the internet offers that are applicable for Airtel SIM. You can collect data from here and buy internet on your SIM directly from any flexiload shop or from mobile banking.

Common Offers for Airtel SIM Internet:
● Dial *123*002# to get 1 GB internet for Tk 22
● Dial *123*029# to get 1 GB internet for 29 taka for 3 days
● Dial *123*004# to buy 1.5 GB internet for 3 days at Rs.44
● Dial *123*049# to get 2 GB Internet for 3 days at Rs.49
● Dial *123*059# to get 3GB internet for 4 days at Tk 59
● Dial *123*064# to get 4 GB Internet 64 taka for 4 days
● Dial *123*089# to get 2GB internet for 7 days at Tk 89
● Dial *123*129# to get 5GB Internet for 129 taka with 12 taka cashback for 7 days
● Dial *123*159# to get 5GB internet for 159 taka with 10 taka cashback for 10 days
● Dial *123*179# to get 7GB internet for Tk 159 for 10 days
● Dial *123*229# to get 2GB internet for 229 taka for 30 days
● Dial *123*998# to get 60GB internet for 30 days at Rs.998

All the offers that we have presented to you above are currently ongoing. You can see all the offers and buy online at any time if you want. You can use these internet on your mobile phone or computer. There are many who wanted these offers earlier. But the right offer is nowhere to be found.

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We have presented all the offers in front of you today. All those offers are currently running. And so all these offers are completely credible. You can use them. You can also contact us directly to get offers from any mobile operator. Or you can contact us through SMS.

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