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Airtel Loan Code 2023

Airtel SIM has an emergency balance or loan facility. This opportunity can be availed only by those who use Airtel SIM. If you want to take internet and data balance loan on Airtel SIM, you can do everything. Also what to do to borrow money to call and talk to someone on Airtel SIM. Everything we are going to present to you through our today’s article. There are several ways you can borrow money from Airtel SIM.

There are several ways to borrow money on Airtel SIM. You have to overcome them. If money is borrowed from Airtel SIM, 2 taka 67 paise will be deducted for service charge from there. Whenever you go to take any type of loan from Airtel SIM. Then 2 taka 67 paise service charge will be deducted from your mobile phone.

If you want to buy any type of talktime minutes on Airtel SIM. Then from there you have to pay additional two rupees. That 2 rupees is deducted as extra i.e. service fee. Anyone using this service from Airtel SIM will have to pay an additional Rs.2. As many offers as we have today i.e. as many emergency balance offers. We collect information about all the offers and present them to you through our article.

If you have read our today’s article carefully from beginning to end without skipping any part. So what to do to borrow money with internet balance on airtel sim. How much internet will you get for how much money and how many minutes will you get for how much money? You can easily find out the related information.

Airtel sim emergency loan code

You can easily know everything you need to do to get an emergency loan on Airtel SIM from our today’s article. In our today’s article we are connecting everything a customer needs to do to get Airtel SIM emergency loan at one place. Any customer can avail emergency loan from Airtel SIM using this information.

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Emergency Balance:
To get emergency balance on Airtel SIM you need to dial *141# or *8#. By dialing it you can take emergency balance. You can purchase emergency balance or internet or emergency minutes anytime. To purchase emergency balance you need to dial this code.

Now let’s see how much service fee should be deposited in Rs.
● Service fee of 12 taka 2 taka 67 paisa total 14 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee of 15 taka 2 taka 67 paisa total 17 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee of 22 taka 2 taka 67 paisa total 24 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee 2 taka 67 paisa for 25 taka total 27 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee 2 taka 67 paisa for 32 taka total 34 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee 2 taka 67 paisa for 50 taka total 52 taka 67 paisa
● Service fee 2 taka 67 paisa for 100 taka total 102 taka 67 paisa

Minutes loan can be availed for talking on Airtel SIM. If you want to take a minute loan then the above code is shown to you. By dialing that code you can avail minute loan. Several types of package loans can be taken on Airtel SIM like:- 5 Taka, 8 Taka, 13 Taka, 20 Taka, 26 Taka, 36 Taka and 53 Taka. These can be mentioned as periods of 4 hours, 5 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, 2 days and 7 days respectively.

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