Airtel Internet Offer 2021 (Latest MB Offer)

Here I will discuss about those wonderful Airtel offers and I will also tell the details about

 How to buy those offers?

 How to use those offers?

 How to renew those offers? 

 How to check your internet offers?

 Why those offers are helpful for you?

To know detail please read this article and I will explain everything about Airtel internet offer 2021.

Airtel is the most popular and famous brand and that will always help you to buy many alluring and fantastic offers. Airtel is the first brand that have taken many interesting and great promises to fulfill its customer’s good wishes and needs. Everyone knows that the network of Airtel is very strong than any other company.

Today here I will discuss about the most interesting and most advantages internet offer of Airtel 2021.

Airtel Internet Offer 2021

 Without using internet today’s life is totally meaningless and blank like a white paper. Also without using of internet our life become a stand still. We cannot finish to tell all about the advantages of internet. Because the importance of internet never be end. And it is true that applying of internet is in our everyday life.  That is why we always find something beneficial and low cost offer for internet.

To fulfill you need Airtel is always ready to give you many interesting and amazing offers. And those offers are really very available and affordable.  You can buy those offer in a moment. 

Airtel is giving you many ranges of offer like low price internet for the random users, medium price internet for all types of customers and also high price for the superfluous users of internet. You have to choose your own.


1.5 GB for 3 days at 38 taka

This offer is very popular for its cheap cost. You will able to buy 1.5GB at only 38 taka. To buy this offer dial *123*038# or recharge 38 taka in your main account.

2GB for 3 days at 44 taka

You can buy this offer very easily. You have to recharge 44 taka in your account.  If you have already enough money to buy this internet offer then press   *123*044# to take this offer.

2GB +1GB4G for 3 days at 54 taka

If you are a heavy user of internet then you can buy this excellent offer. To purchase this offer please dial *123*054# and you internet balance will be added automatically. You may also recharge 54 taka to take this offer.

 500 MB for 3 days at 29 taka

This is one of the best low price internet offer of Airtel. To take this offer you might dial *123*025# and your offer will be activate in a very short time.

1.5GB for 7 days at 89 taka

This offer is included with medium price of Airtel internet offer. If you prefer this offer you have to dial *123*089#. Validity of this offer is 7 days.

1.5GB+50min for 3 days at 98 taka

From this wonderful offer there you will get not only internet but also 50 minutes. It’s a very good bundle as anyone wants. At 98 taka you will give this 3 days internet and minutes. To purchase this offer you might dial   *123*089# and enjoy this offer with its validity time.

1GB Play PUBG for 30 days at 33 taka

You like to play PUBG but you cannot get any good internet offer.  Then play with Airtel internet offer. This offer will give you 1 GB for a long time at 33 taka. To buy dial *123*033#. Why do you late?

How to check internet balance

To check your internet balance you have to dial *3# or you can also need to dial *778*555#.


Updated: January 13, 2021 — 8:36 pm

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