Airtel Internet Balance Check Code 2023

Airtel Internet Balance Check 2020

Many people face many problems after buying internet packs. There are many problems with how to check internet balance.  I’m going to end everyone’s waiting today.  You will find everything on our websites including Airtel Internet Check, Minute Bundle Check code.

How to check Airtel internet balance check 2023

 I hope, I can tell you the details of how to check internet balance here. There are usually three ways to check internet balance. The balance can be checked by dialing the code, the internet balance can be checked from Airtel’s application, and more over the internet balance can be checked from Airtel’s official website.

I will discuss in detail and explain to you through which you will check the internet balance. We will discuss in detail which medium will be easier for you.  Airtel usually offers a variety of internet offers for its customers. They provide bondho SIM offer, they also give offers onto running SIMs. 

Considering the different festivals, they offer different things like Eid time offer, Puja time offer, Baishakhi time offer, Valentine’s Day offer. Moreover, there are always different internet offers. After launched this offer, customers has a lot of problems with how to check the balance. Hopefully today I will be able to solve all the problems. Stay with us to gain the ability to check the balance.

Airtel internet balance check 2023 from My Airtel Apps

 Firstly you can check the internet balance through my application called My Airtel Bangladesh. I will discuss in detail here how to download the application and how to use it.  First you open the Google Play Store from your phone. Then go to the search option and search with the name of My Airtel Bangladesh.

Then an application with Airtel logo will appear. Click on download option to install this application. Now the application will continue to be downloaded after a while it will move into your mobile application list. You will see the application called My Airtel Bangladesh on your smart phone. 

When you go into the application, you will first see the place to attach your Airtel number.  Add your Airtel number in the blank and confirm.  Then you will see an OTP code will come to your number, your application will be launched by filling in the blanks in the desired place. 

Now when you enter the Airtel application, you will launch your application with your name.  Then you can go there and see your minute bundle balance and your internet balance options. 

Now you can see your desired internet balance as soon as you click on your internet balance option.  From here you can easily check your remaining internet balance every day.  Also here you can see your minute bundle balance, remaining minutes, how much money you have on your phone you can know from here.  You can easily see your available offers from here.

Airtel internet balance check 2023 by Dialing code

By dialing code *3# you can check internet balance. Any Airtel bundle offer remaining balance you can check by dialing *3#. Another USSD code is available for check that is *8444#

Airtel internet balance check 2023 from Airtel Official website

 Let’s discuss how you can see your internet balance from Airtel’s official website.  First of all, for this you need to have a smartphone that allows you to browse the internet.  You will first enter into any browser from your smartphone and search by typing Airtel Bangladesh in the search option. 

Then comes Airtel’s official website.  Now you will see an option on the right there, after clicking on that option you will get an option to login.  After logging in, you will see the options there to view the internet.  I will have an option called internet. As soon as you click on it, you will see how much internet balance you have left. You can easily see from here.  If you want, you can see everything from your offers to your balance.

What is the code of internet balance check 2023

Operator NameUSSD Code
GP (017)*121*1*4#
Robi (018)*3#
Airtel (016)*8444*88#
Banglalink (019)*5000*50#
Teletalk (015)*152#
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